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Quoth Source Chode
Hello Quake1 guys :-)
please can you tell me where can i find quoth source code please?
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You can have the Lost Chapters (Quoth v0.75?) code: 
Thanks Guys 
Thanks Zwiffle and Onetruepurple but i have already contact them and I don not have no answer yet. 
Yeah They'll Give It To You Probably 
right after the nuclear apocalypse :D 
i assume "cede" was a typo but it actually makes sense for what you're trying to say... 
Saw The Title 
and got all excited then. And Im not even a coder or anything. 
Sorry guys i think that quoth source code is free. 
Monsters wise, only the Drole and the Gug are unique. The rest are easily substituted. 
My Outburst 
in the GPL thread was specifically inspired by the Quoth debacle.

Jesus fucking christ, can we get with the program here? 
It's up to them what they want to do with it. It's not like they owe anyone anything, it's a free mod FFS. 
You've asked the question. The answer is no. No amount of self-righteous fury will change that. Accept it and move on with your life. 
I Agree 
with Willem and Mr Fribbles. GPL is a wonderful thing, but forcing it upon people [if whining incessantly can be described as 'forcing'] seems to me to somehow cheapen the original philosophy. 
But I deserve whatever I want, for free, NOW! Modern society taut me so! (yes, I'm diseased ;) 
Back to your commie linux utopia playpen, inertia. 
Lukas, If You Wonder About The Tone 
People have asked for the Quoth source code in the past. It is not available. Discussions in the past have been derailed into open-source zealotery and childish flaming.

Please do not post new threads for trivial questions like this. You could have searched or simply posted in a Quoth thread or the General Abuse. The page were you created this new thread had some information how this site works, you probably overread. 
Somebody Change The Name Of This Thread To 
"Big Ole Can 'O Wormz" 
Apart from that, it's not rocket science.

It's just QC. Most of it isn't really new or unique.

Hence, there's not really a need to release it. 
nice thread title change. That can only have been Shambler... 
Off Topic 
Spirit, I noticed that you're missing Tronyn's Coven map in your single player archive. It's SOE2M4 and M5 as one map. ?
If not, what is the filename? 
That's Not The One 
It's not Coven Of Ebony, but Tronyn's single map Coven. The filename is 
You've asked the question. The answer is no. No amount of self-righteous fury will change that. Accept it and move on with your life.


lukas2288, please move on with your modding and accept that you shouldn't be using Quoth.

What a dumbass! 
Yeah, he asked a stupid question. Get lost, lukas! 
Why Don't People Ever Ressurect GOOD Threads? 
Like that one deleted thread that Shambler approved ? That was good. 
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