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Claustrophobia 1024
A 33-level megawad of "1024" maps for DOOM 2.

A 1024 map restricts (only) the player from leaving a 1024x1024 area. The maps are Boom-compatible, ie some basic features but still no room over room.

The pack seems to be really good and diverse.

Screenies and download:
nice something to play!!! prefer Quake but a good old doom is always fun


will try it tonight! 
It's Quakey 
DOOM mapping has come a long way really... it looks like Quake maps. I imagine all this properly textured skywindow / missing floor plates / that sort of stuff must be pretty aggravating to do in DOOM. These DOOM mappers do know their stuff. And they have so many that they can regularly do megawads O_o Some of those maps look AMAZING. And all of them are properly themed and neatly textured.

This sure looks 900% better than what we played back in school in 1994 O_o

I think their resource wad was just really, really good, too. They found a couple ways around that three-texture-per-wall limit. Lots of transpareny usage here, too - chain link fences, bars, grids, waterfalls, windows. Makes me quite envious.

And some of them are fuckin' hard! Teletraps abound. Upper tier monsters abound. MAP07 will destroy you Trinca ;-)) 
"Three-texture-per-wall limit"? 
upper, lower, middle texture on a sidedef. 
Oh, Right 
I suspect they used a bunch of very thin sectors for such walls. Haven't played the maps yet, though. 
Looks like they created textures with built-in trim etc., too. The pack must contain most tricks in the DOOM book :)) 
Played The First Few Maps 
Some really nice ones in there so far, yeah. I especially like the Mechatron ones. Definitely makes me want to do some Doom mapping again (in fact, I only recently fixed up an old 2004 map of mine, though its quality is nowhere near today's standards).
What I didn't like was ZDoom locking up the computer in some map forcing me to hit reset - and lose two full days of VIS time. 
I guess one lesson from that could theoretically be to not use ZDoom for simple Boom-compatible wads. :)


I got myself a DOOM editor, too (yadex). I was surprised how simple it is to "click a map together". All vertices and linedefs... you can work really quickly and worry about details later. Even more quickly than in Quest. And everything has key shortcuts. 
I've never had problems with Zdoom before. It's a great port that usually runs about everything (unlike prBoom which sometimes chokes on supposedly simple bugs).

Yadex: based on DEU? :O
I struggled with DEU (always prefered WadEd) in 94, but could never get a hang of it completely. Always seemed unnecessarily complicated in some areas. Of course, this version must have been greatly improved. Have you ever tried Doombuilder with Wine?
"you can work really quickly and worry about details later" - yes and no. At least the old editors made it a bit tricky as you often had to assign the linedefs their correct front/back sector manually if you added them later. 
Finished It 
Great pack. Some maps were really outstanding in how they managed to cram that much gameplay and details into 1024�. And some were really hard - 150+ monsters is excessive for such small maps.
Be sure to check out the secret maps, too. 
Have you ever tried Doombuilder with Wine?

not yet, no.

I tried a couple Quake editors in wine, but couln't make heads or tails of most of them. I was just getting into the doom editing stuff. yadex is based on DEU, yeah. It has its weirdities, but seemed to work all right.

Yeah, the pack is really outstanding. Imagine a Quake pack like that. O_o with 33 maps *gasp* 
What I didn't like was ZDoom locking up the computer in some map forcing me to hit reset - and lose two full days of VIS time.

It's kind of reliable, but when it dies.. it screams. ... Actually, i've found the the GZdoom i'm running now to be more solid than zdoom.

Great maps too. Only played 6 or so. Doom rocks. 
1024 Congestion 
I've also started playing the prequel. The maps are less impressive, but it's still kind of fun and the monster counts are lower for the most part. 
hmm, will have to try that :) 
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