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The Fistfucking Little Box Released
released my first q1 map. its a tiny base map thats just tiny. a friend forced me to release it so thats it. gnomes will rule the earth!! PREPARE FOR THE APOCALYPSE!!! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIEEE!!! SAVEEE YOURSEEEEeEELFF!!

screenshots and download:

more maps to come??
Pretty Solid. 
cramped and detailed, using almost all classic textures, it's reminicent of the scourge of armagon era. Lighting is classic, too.

Also, it's interesting that there was no health. The map was just long enough that this worked. 
Tiny? Tiny Indeed 
When I played it just now, I picked up a 15hp, but it has half-embedded in the wall, so maybe it fell out depending on what .exe you were using.

Enjoyable map, although due to the crates spilled everywhere, I needed to jump over some of them to get to the next area, which was annoying. It would have been nice if it was full size, too. 
Oh Yes 
This is nice. More please! 
It's Actually Pretty Good. 
a very nicely done q1sp, with good brushwork. the base theme is handled well, and gameplay is likewise.

i actually like the cramped space. and there's plenty of atmosphere for a map that size. 
Diarreah Good For Ya? 
whoa. i though nobody was gonna like the map! haha. cool. thanks dudes! me is happy. me cries. hehe.

anyway. yeah, the map is tight. i guess i got used at making maps like this. i cant make big areas, i dont know why. from all the maps i made for doom, none had huge areas, all where tight and stuff. guess its part of the style i had. hehe.

gonna go and see if i can start working on something new. im very slow at making quake maps tho', and i tend to start something new after i get two-three rooms made. :)

I don't think anyone was complaining about it being cramped. 
I don't think anyone was complaining about it being cramped. 
i know nobody was complaining about that, i just felt like talking about it for some reason. :) 
This Board Sucks. 
Your Site Is Funny! 
I loce your web site, its very cool. Downloading the map now :] 
Nice Map Yeh 
i agree with posts 1-4 :) it's very good, (alot better than my first map anyway!) but a little too short.. and it would be better if it had some locked doors which you have to open with a key or button.. something to look around for, since at the moment it's just walking in a straight line to the exit...

looked cool though :) 
Shanadu Er Tu Exnatranu En Into Nolopoka Etittu 
tigger-on. you like the site?! wha?!?!? hahaha, cool man. hmm, me thinks me will have to put the whole site (which is obiously better) sometime somewhere...

anyway. thanks for the comments dudes!! this gives me inspiration to start another level thats not tiny but fun as hell.. hehe. gnomes. 
good little map dude. could have used some more exploration and been a bit less linear, but the construction of the map was spot on. looking forward to future releases from you. 
Haha !!! 
great architecture with a classic texturing great ! I love this map , but you must add an intermission in a good position and change the name of the map , an dthe 15 hp is in the wall !
Good map ! 
That's For Shure ! 
W're already dead ! And we can't save our existence 
Nice map! Good architecture, crates, and the fiend scared the mountain dew out of me.

There's nothing wrong with a tight map like that, but put some caulk around the posts along the walls, so that if I run into them like a blundering fool i can just slide right past them.

Doch Vive!!(?) 
but put some caulk around the posts along the walls

I think you mean "clip"? 
Nice Map 
tried speedrunning it and it drives me insane
got about 0:23 before i needed ibuprofane capsules 
but when im not blundering through it like an idiot its very fun, well built and claustrophobic 
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