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..::LvL, Late But Not Forgotten
A bit late, but ..::LvL has been updated. A few very good maps are in this update. 'Sublevel Tokay' and 'VERTICAL INTEGRATION' are more than worth checking out. 'The Vomitorium' by Obsessed is a re-make of the ztn Quake classic.

* Sublevel Tokay by fKd - DM/Tourney 2-6 player
* VERTICAL INTEGRATION by Rynvord - DM/Tourney/TeamDM 2-4 player
* The Vomitorium by Obsessed - DM/Tourney 2-4 player
* The Altar by - Experimental/DM/Tourney 1-3 player
* T-pak2c by T-k�l�k - CTF/DM/Tourney/Space 2-8 player

As always, 30 second videos and 360 degree panoramas for all releases are available.

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