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Scourge Of Armagon / Dissolution Of Eternity ...

Does anyone know if the QuakeC source for the two official Quake mission packs was ever released, and if so where I can get a copy ?




Stop posting new threads for every little question you have please, we have permanent threads for that... 
Errmm ... 
I searched all the permanent threads and there was no mention of these sources. And given that the question isn't mapping related, but rather QuakeC related (which in its own right has nothing to do with, but can be used to aid mapping) and there is no permanent thread for that I didn't think it would be an issue. Clearly I was wrong !

This is only my second thread. On the first, users who cared to help pointed out how I could search the forums (given there is no search function provided) which has helped a lot, but I didn't realize that should I not find my answer I would be shot down for asking a question ? 
Just read for the next time. If you don't know where to post, just shove it into General Abuse. People will see it. 
Thank You ... 
... Spirit

I will definitely follow that guidance from now on.

And thanks for pointing me to the source ... it's greatly appreciated.

I didn't shoot you down, I pointed out where to post your question in order to get a response.

I'm aware this board work differently to the majority of the forums. It's why I didn't insult your mother...

And interestingly, there is a QuakeC thread, it just got knocked off the most recent threads by people posting various 1 question threads. 
If we don't want new threads, we should remove the "start a new thread" link. Otherwise, whatever. 
What if the "start a new thread" page explained that Discussion threads are for broad topics or questions that are likely to have many replies, where there is no simple answer and many people are likely to have different opinions.

If it's a simple question or comment that will only get a few responses, please post in one of the existing permanent threads, such as Mapping Help, Screenshots & Betas, Jobs & Mappers Wanted, or General Abuse. 
Fuck me scamp, that's a brilliant idea!

Mebe metl should incorporate it or summat... 
That would be great! And provide links to those threads right there... 
Nosense Thread 
shoot me, I got knocked out only reading. 
Don't be deterred by those snarky bastards. I for one, am glad to have another member of the community aboard.

Now, let's just let this thread move on down the page quietly, shall we? 
Oh Cool A Thread For SoA / DoE Discussion :D 
Ok I played 5 minutes of SoA after ptiong's bulletholes question, and I noticed something, and I thought "that doesn't look right / I don't remember that happening before", and my question is...

When you fire the nailgun at the mechanical scorpion monsters...are the scorpion things supposed to rapidly flicker/glitch left and right perfectly in time with your nailgun shots? It looks soooo bad and I never remembered this happening before. I'm just "wtf"ing over this quite a bit to be honest. 
The scourge spawns a trigger roughly the same size as itself, and every frame positions it 300 units in front. Any time a projectile (not the hitscan weapons) touches this trigger, a message is sent back to the scourge to trigger one of it's sidestep animations. The 300 units distance seems to be designed so that the scourge doesn't bother trying to dodge when the player is so close it won't avoid the shot.

The problem with the hipnotic implementation is that there is no cooldown on this ability. If you attack the scourge with a continuous stream of nails down the long corridor in hip1m1, you'll notice that it entirely stops attacking you and just shuffles from left to right(you may need to lure it down one end with godmode first). Each nail makes it randomise the direction it strafes as well, so it ends up moving right back into the path of most of the nails.
I see. Wow that's sloppy.

I guess when I last played the game back in 1997 with a 320x240 resolution, they were just flickering brown clumps of pixels at the best of times, so I never noticed it. 
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