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Multithreaded VIS For Windows
WVis is a modified version of Bengt Jardrup�s VIS tool. It�s the exact same program as the one you can get here�

�except that it has multithreading turned on. Basically, you get 1 thread for every core/processor you have on your machine. This will speed up VIS compile times dramatically if you have a machine with multiple cores/processors.

Usage and syntax are exactly the same.


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What Is It With Linux Always Screwing Up Line Breaks In Text Files? 
Please include the source with the (final?) build - better than refering to several authors and versions.

As for my vis experiment, it really seems to work as intended. I still need to test the final result in Quake to check for HOMs, but it looks good so far. 
Great news. Up to now I think that my link contains the latest version and also includes the patch. I asked Spirit to update his links to avoid people loading the older version.

In general someone who is going to maintain the application should take care of packaging and updating the relevant links.. .. Willem? ;-) 
I dunno man, I'm going to be really busy this year with work. I'd rather you just throw the source code and binary (with an updated filename/version number) onto Quaketastic and let the community sort it out. :) It's just an EXE after all...

Put it all in "tools/windows/misc" preferably, to keep it all clean. 
Could the same multi-threading be added to the light utility, or is that using the GPU? 
light utility does not use the GPU but it should; that is one of my wish-list compiler features (still need to work out the math to see if it's even possible. I think it should be but it's all new territory for me.) 
Yes, multi-threading can totally be added to the light utility because I added to the one I used on my Mac. It's about as difficult as adding it to VIS - which is not really difficult at all.

Someone get tuna to grab the source code for the most commonly used light.exe and splice it in. :) 

Does anybody know if he stills in Q2 codding? 
yeah he is. you can still email him as before, hes just stopped coming here. 
I think he left because of travail secret map :\ when he saw negke face :(

he got disappointed with is love�

He saw negke genious is mapping as a sexy big huge German male. 
Aye, perhaps open up a bounty for the light multi-threading? ;-)

Anyway one would need to to which source to make patches to.. (although I'm quite busy right now so don't keep up your hopes too high)

On another note: I noticed that Spirit hasn't updated his bounty patch on with the latest one. Can someone punch him when he is around?

Also I haven't copied my binary to any other location than on my web space. Perhaps someone can save it to some real location as Willem chickened out and I lack the power too. We don't want it to get lost, right? 
I think I did not have a binary of the latest version and thus postponed posting it and postponed and postponed and ... spiderwebs in my brain. 
> Aye, perhaps open up a bounty for the light multi-threading? ;-)

Ummm - light.exe is already multi-threaded. You do need to use the -threads options to enable it though. "-threads 16" for 16 threads, for example. 
Sure you can pass it in - but it doesn't do anything. :) 
Not That Light.exe Really Needed It Anyway 
Besides, the -gate 1 switch in BJP's tool speeds up the process considerably already. 
You'd be surprised. I multithreaded my Mac version and even if you cut a minute build time down to 35 seconds, that speeds up iteration so it's totally worth it... 
Has anyone added the ability to use visdata (if present) to light.exe yet? I did it for MHColour and it was a HUGE boost, so it would definitely also be worthwhile for general lighting. 
I don't think so.

Go go go! That would be awesomely great. :) 
how does light work? i thought it was raytracing, so how would vis data speed it up? 
Light basically does a ray-trace from every light to every lightmap pixel on every surface in the map. I think there is already an optimization to reject surfaces that are outside the radius of the light (for linear falloff lights) but for lights with an inverse square falloff, a light theoretically has infinite range, so vis data could be useful to quickly reject polygons a light can't see. 
Oh I See 
i originally just sort of imagined it as blasting out rays and pasting a light value on any walls it hit. i didn't know it did the entire map. o_o 
do the light tools not use radiosity? 
> Has anyone added the ability to use visdata (if present) to light.exe yet? I did it for MHColour and it was a HUGE boost, so it would definitely also be worthwhile for general lighting.

Doesn't bjp light do that already? I seem to remember one that does it. 
some of them do; for example i think lordhavoc's compilers do it. 
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