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QuakeLive PK3 Cypher/decypher Means You Can Map
Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to map for QuakeLive, with this little tool here.

Use the tool to decrypt the stock QL PK3s, point your Q3 editor to the decrypted PK3s to load the textures, create and compile the map as you would a regular Q3 map, pack the map (and any custom content if any) into a PK3, encrypt the PK3 using the same tool. You can now play your map in QuakeLive offline mode (online play is not available for obvious reasons).

Note that while simply converting an existing Quake 3 map package into one for QL by encrypting it will often work, it will also often not work, for the reason that not all of the original Q3 textures are present in QL.
Where's The QuakeLive.exe? 
Got Radiant pointing to AppData/LocalLow/id software/quakelive/ , and while there's a baseq3 and all those files, there doesn't seem to be an .exe in there anywhere... 
RE: Where's The QuakeLive.exe? 
There isn't one. If for some bizarre reason your editor demands an exe be in the game folder, you could always create a random file, call it quake3.exe and put it in there, it's not like the editor actually uses the game executable for anything.

On a sidenote, GTKRadiant 1.5 didn't bother me with any of this. 
Regarding Legality 
From today's email I got:

"Strictly speaking, it would be a violation of the license to build and distribute new QL levels using existing QL media.

The next time I talk with Marty, I'll see if we can reasonably come up with a plan for user mapping. Realistically, it isn't a top priority for us, but I am certainly sympathetic to it.

John Carmack
I've read your topics, if you want to work with Quakelive like me you have only to translate the files of quakelive inside Quake 3 arena and using the editor for mapping, of course, for Quake 3 arena :D

I made two very simple map for training using :
Gtk radiant 1.4.0
Quake 3 Arena

Here the maps, very simple :P

Cool! :D
Johns lookin for qLive-pals!-
Did he mention my "i luv John c."-map? :D 
I Don't Believe The Legal Rubish 
I don't think it is illegal to map using the current qlive resources if you don't include qlive assets with the game. Which, that would also be stupid because the game is free anyway. Mapping with qlive assets should be legally the same as mapping for q3.

Looking forward to doing a bit of mapping when i get back to my place :)

thanks for this.
Low Fps On Gtkradiant 1.4 And 1.5 
Hi all,
Hi wanted to try mapping for quakelive but when I use GTKRadiant i have about one frame per second.. I have a good PC (~150FPS on Counter-strike : source).
Someone know how to fix it ? 
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