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Phone Thread
There's a book thread, a Film thread, a Hardware thread, a Other game thread that is PC oriented, a Console Game Thread...
So, I think mobile phones deserves its own thread... though...

What's your mobile phone brand ? Are you happy with it ? Are you able to surf the internet with it ? Listen music ? Watch video ? What is your provider ? If you are thinking about changing, what are you aiming ?

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Well, I created this thread just to say I just changed of mobile, for Xmas, and in advance I know, thank to my cute wife (you'll never get photos here)...
I had an old mobile (sagem myC5-3) with a pre-payed card... and this morning my wife came back home with a brand new iPhone3G-S 32Go, with a cool contract (2 hours a month + free internet access + free SMS + I don't remember as there are so much things....)
iPhones are cool ! and it is completely different from what I've ever experimented in t'erm of fucking good technology... awesome ! 
I don't have an iPhone.

That was the entire point of this thread yeh? 
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