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..::LvL 10th Anniversary Map Pack
Something special this month at ..::LvL. As the
site is turning 10 years on the 30th December, one of the ..::LvL regulars, Combo, has put together 5 map-packs!

The pack are for Clan Arena, CTF, Deathmatch, Tourney and Team DM. There are 76 maps in all, by over 60 different authors - way too many to list here.

Now that should be enough to keep you all busy over the Holiday Season.

Hope you all have a great Festive Season and expect more maps in the New Year.

..::LvL -

PS. Same person running the show all these years.
Congratulations map hoarder comrade. :-)

I totally forgot about the good old mappacks from lvl (they got me and my friends into custom Q3 maps, especially the space pack...). Gonna get these later! Thanks. 
Even though I rarely play Q3A nowadays, it is still good to walk around in these custom maps. I believe they would at least be pleasing to the eyes. 
Hadn't seen estatica before... Nice effects, lay-out. Fun too :)

(Frequently Unanswered Questions)
1. Why doesn't the rain move?

... Exactly! 
Because it's frozen in time. That's the point of the map. And func.

(haven't seen that map in ages, but remember it being released, was amazing at the time) 
Those mappacks are unpure. If I have any of these files in my baseq3 I am unpure:

It is kinda weird as they are almost in alphabetical sequence. Can someone confirm the unpureness? It might be a problem on my end otherwise. 
Just Turn Pure Off 
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