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Your Quake Setup?
I am interested what kind of settings you use for Quake. Not resolution, mouse sensitivity and the like, but:

-Fullbrights (bits on textures)
-Does the engine let you look straight up ahead or does it limit the max angle like in stock Quake.
-Replacement textures

That's what comes to my mind right now, add what you think might be interesting to know for mappers and other people who try hard to give you a fun experience.
I'll Start 
Forgot overbrights

Gamma 1
Fitzquake-ish contrast
Full- and overbrights: Of course!
Filtering: Pixelquake
FOV: 90
Aiming ahead: Limited like in Quake
Textures/Content: Starbuck's debaser, nothing else. 
I'll Continue 
gamma - 0.7
brightness - dunno
bpp - 16 :()
fov - 110
textures - an original quake texes
sv_color 1 4
vid_refreshrate 75
gl_max_size 512
gl_subdivide_size 2048
v_gunkick 0 
Fitz 0.85 
Gamma: 0.9
Brightness: dunno but something low
Fullbrights: True
Overbrights: True
Filtering: linear_mipmap_linear
FOV: 100
Aiming: 90 degrees up and down
Replacement textures: None, ever 
everything default for FitzQuake

-width 1920 -height 1080 -bpp 32 -heapsize massive

er I use W,S,A,D, swim up is F, down is C, jump is [space], +mlook

textures are filtered

max angle i think is limited (metl?)

birghtness is lowest, gamma is default. 
In DP 
I use Rygels pack :) I also use it in id1 and quoth and such, but oftenis makes stuff look worse because not all textures are hi-res, and having a mixture looks bad. 
Same As Spirit Minus The Textures 
Pixelated filtering as in "gl_nearest_mipmap_linear", default brightness and gamma. Old CRT on default settings. Unmodified screenshots are too dark! :]
(Spirit, I assume you use a TFT? That could explain the differences) 
gamma - 0.7, sometimes higher on dark maps
fov - 100

that's about it as far as custom settings so, use aguire's glquake which doesn't really have any fullbright/filtering options. and the aim is such that you fire a grenade at the highest angle possible and it lands at your feet, which is not completely up but a little moreso than stock quake. i have custom textures installed but rarely use them.. except skyboxes anyway, always add them in. sometimes fog too if the map suits it

i do have the default gun models offset to the right a little though, much prefer them that way 
fitzquake - gamma 1.2, starbuck's textures, standard FOV, screen adjusted brightness (not quake adjusted), IDgamma, overbrights, no fullbrights (I hate them), 32bpp, 16x anistropic filtering, 8x antialiasing.

aguire glquake - gamme 1.1, starbuck's textures, standard FOV, screen adjusted brightness (not quake adjusted), IDgamma, 32bpp, 16x anistropic filtering, 8x antialiasing. 
Oh oh finaly i found a way to fix my GL problems like this...


anyway my configs are

gl_gamma 0.7
gl_contrat 0.7
fov 90

and it look like this!!! 
once i'd set my fov to 110/120, my current fov setting) i can't back to 90 anymore. it looks so weird with 90 :) 
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