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Q1sp Maps That Work Well In Co-op...
gb, onetruepurple and myself have been blasting through a bit of coop q1 this week. i wanted to create a thread to discuss what maps work well and what ones don't, so feel free to contribute...

id1 - naturally, decent, although the spawns in later parts of e4 can get pretty ridiculous

zer - doesn't work at all after the first map, avoid

contract revoked - this didn't seem to work - three of us played and two got stuck in the first room until i got the first key, then none of us could get the silver key in the library for some reason

sm82 - this worked well. mostly focuses around a main area near the start, which has both the NG and SSG so easy to restock on weapons when you die. worth a shot

mexx9 - first map worked a treat; second map unfortunately has a LOT of catch-up running if you die further up the tower, so caution advised. didn't play any further unfortunately although imagine it would improve

czg07 - again large size doesn't always fare best here, if you die there's loads of catching up and it's easy to get lost in if you don't know the layout that well

in short, maps based around a kind of start 'hub' seem to work best, with easy access to weapons, no traps that close rooms behind you and not too much excessive running. we wanted to try warpspasm but after figuring these guidelines we're not so sure :) (unless we enable cheats on the server)

so has anyone played it or thought about playing it & have any ideas or recommendations?
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We're always like that. 
If I had a gaming company Negke whould be one of first I whould contact for sure....

Names like necros,kell,tronyn,jpl,kona,hrim and many others(sorry) whould be in my list all are awesome!

gameplay I like the most is necros... is maps are always pure fast bloody fun!

brushwork is negke, he is trully a sick man :) 
Not yet. But let's keep it in mind. 
Caffeine, Nicotine and Alcohol.

Negke - It's only as much effort as a full map. But with the advantages of a reasonably rounded team to back you up.

At the same time, as Gb mentioned recently, the only real way to get stuff done (in any case) it to do it yourself.

Rj, Ricky and Gb have been moving mountains recently.

Mapping is our biggest task. There's 30+ including everything.

Not to say that models and code aren't complicated as well. 
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