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An Early ..::LvL Update? Yes!
Kick started the month at ..::LvL. A number of interesting maps have appeared for download, comment and review - they popped out of the pixels on my screen. One moment there was blackness, the next fun and frags!

* Substation 11 by Phantazm11 - CTF 6-10 player
* DIFFICULTY:MAXIMAL First Person Edition by D-Meat - Experimental Single Player
* Simple Death by sst13 - DM/Tourney 2-3 player
* Orichalciane by Scorn - DM/tourney 2-5 player
* konq3dm1 by KOHTPA - DM/Tourney 2-4 player
* Quake Ballet by Stijn Raiguel - DM/Tourney 2-4 player

30 second videos and 360 degree panoramas for all but the Experimental Single Player release, which is well worth checking out.

..::LvL -
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