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New Quake III FFA Map - Lost At Sea - By Kaz
Kaz has released a new DM map for the NoGhost mapping competition, a nicely built small FFA map for 1-4 players set in an 'underwater' facility.

Title - Lost at Sea
Author - Kaz
Download -

My Thoughts 
needed a little more detailing to keep things more interesting but is still beautifully lit and textured, and an absolute blast to play. 
The minisub is cool. 
a map with a minisub, and the link's been dead for days 
it works for me. 
ok it's alive now... bloody &*&^! fool ... australia &^%!

Wait, no, it got to 9 meg and died again, just like before and then it totally disappears.

So i try with wget 56% [======================> 9,594,448 --.--K/

And it dies. Thats some joke! 
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