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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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What I was thinking was expanding the frames by a factor of 10 for the numbers and leaving the alternate animations alone. +00 to +99 is what I was thinking.

If nobody cares for it that's cool too, I won't make this change unless the QS authors are cool with it. Like I said engine ecosystem and all. 
Slimealpha Worldspawn Key Does Not Work In Quakespasm 
slimealpha worldspawn key does not work in Quakespasm

The value seems to never be honored. Unless I'm doing something

Put in worldspawn:

"slimealpha" "1" // Nope, uses r_wateralpha

All the other ones work like "telealpha" and "lavaalpha". 
It's working for me.. tried "slimealpha" "1", as well as "slimealpha" "0.1" in worldspawm.

Does the r_slimealpha cvar work for you? The interaction between the cvar and the worldspawn key is a bit confusing.. when the map loads, if the worldspawn key is set, that gets used until the next time you change the cvar. So the cvars behave like the fog command.

Also if the cvar or worldpsawn key is 0 (the default), that is interpreted as "use r_wateralpha" 
Here is an example of misbehaving, although apparently in different way.

1. Empty Quake folder, just pak0.pak + pak1.pak
2. This start.ent in quake/id1/maps

Mainly featuring ...

"lavaalpha" "0.5"
"telealpha" "0.5"
"slimealpha" "1"
"wateralpha" "0.7"

3. Result: No water transparency but the other 3 settings are used. 
I *think* that might just be un-water-vised transparent water? QS defaults to gl_clear 1 so you get grey tinted instead of a HOM. 
No -- It's Slime Alpha 
I type r_novis 1 in console. Now water is transparent like it should be.

And although I specified slimealpha 1 in the worldspawn, it is not being used.

Slime is transparent but I said 1! (which is not transparent)

Slime is under medium bridge. I typed "fov 10" to magnify.

Test was that start.ent, no config (I deleted every time to make sure it couldn't be config) and just the pak0/pak1. 
Are You Sure There's Slime In Start.bsp? 
under the "normal" bridge? It's not burning if I noclip into it.. 
Major fail on my part.

I suck. Haha. Sorry. 
This one isn't imaginary. :)

I wanted to check out Spike's skyrain in Quakespasm Spiked on E1M1. To make sure it was using the external ent file I changed the name in worldspawn. Never worked.

Tried other engines with external ent support = worked.

The Z fighting fix in quakespasm.pak apparently takes priority over an entity file for those maps like id1\maps\e1m1.ent

Just wanted to point this out. 
@Shamblernaut sorry for not responding earlier. I hate always to be grumpy; but I'm not keen on extending the number of animation frames just for engine fragmentation reasons.

Baker - thanks! Not sure what to do at the moment but that is an unfortunate behaviour. 
Load the quakespasm pak as third ticket in the priority for the id1 folder. 
Priority (for id1 folder):
1) Pak files (pak0.pak, pak1.pak, ..)
2) Free standing files
3) quakespasm.pak

/Mark V just patches the entity string if it passes a "is it right map?" check, but I understand why you guys chose a pak file. 
the path command shows all. first displayed has highest priority. 
Priority (for id1 folder):
1) Pak files (pak0.pak, pak1.pak, ..)
2) Free standing files
3) quakespasm.pak

For standalone ent files on the OS filesystem to take priority,
that order you mentioned needs changing to 3, 1, 2 (using your
numbers.) That may (or may not) have unwanted side effects, and/or
break things, which I don't know at the moment. 
changing to 3, 1, 2 (using your numbers.)

Well, that should be 3,2,1 to be correct. But I _think_ that would mess things. 
continuing from the jam thread..

what's the history behind qs
The QS changelog is the best summary of what was changed versus Fitzquake. Likewise, the Fitzquake changelog summarizes what metl changed versus GLQuake

Also worth mentioning, QS started as a continuation of SleepwalkR's port of fitzquake to SDL (for mac/linux support):
It also shares some code and maintainers with uhexen2 
Thanks for the links, good stuff. Not quite what I meant with my question, though; I'm more in learning about the circumstances behind QS's adoption by the community as a "Standard" engine. Was it just momentum carried forwards from the popularity of fitzquake, or something like that? Mostly just asking because I wasn't around in the community at the time, so it's all a bit of a mystery to me as to how we got to where we are today. 
is there plans to add some of the graphical features shown elsewhere on the forum, about flames rendering and other special effects ?

And what about the OS X version ? 
Pritchard, I'm kind of curious to hear how other folks answer your question, but from my POV... yeah, Fitzquake had established itself as the "better version of GLQuake" that was the standard for making/testing/playing custom Quake maps. Fitzquake stopped development after a while and then Quakespasm sort of carried that torch forward. 
Special FX: Try the Spiked version. It's not the goal of regular QS. 
What is the Spiked version ? Is it available on OS X ? 
Fitzquake Already Was The De Facto Standard 
QuakeSpasm took over because it was more actively developed and cross platform, I would say. 
A fork of QS made by Spike that supports fancy stuff like particles and weather effects. There's a tutorial thread here:
Additionally, here: is an example of effects for E1M1. You'll find the download link for the latest revision either on top of this page or in post #25 of the previous link.

I have no idea if there is a Mac version, though. I'm sure some people here would know. 
QS-Spiked is a version of quakespasm that'll get you drunk faster than you expected...
it still looks+feels the same, unless someone actually uses one of the new features (which is imho why quakespasm is the more accepted / neutral engine).
and annoyingly people focus on only the particles rather than the other things intended to stop it from being crippleware. grr.

there's no prebuilt mac build, no linux build, no win64-specific build. the only prebuilt build is for win32, on account of it being intended as an updated patch rather than an engine in its own right, and me being too lazy to make 4 different builds with all their dependancies and crap.
its still based on sdl, so you should be able to compile your own version if you're determined (but you might need to grab any missing files from vanilla quakespasm).

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