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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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Where can I find a farly definitive autoexec.cfg guidline/turotial? 
Ahem! tutorial 
Nevermind...found it. Took some digging as most posted configs re for the newer versions. Thanks to those who helped. 
Generally you do not need a autoexec.cfg. If your engine does not work well without one (ie forgetting its settings) tell the authors about it. Usually one only needs it to work around engine's overwriting each others settings or not even saving them in the first place.

You can set the "proper" movement speed by setting "Always Run" to "yes" in the menu. That would set the right sv_*speed. If the viewsize is so big it does not show the HUD by default it should be considered as a bug. Maybe you had an existing config.cfg that was the culprit for this? 
Points well taken...thanks. That has been my a question of mine...why have both config files. 
Generally you do not need a autoexec.cfg. If your engine does not work well without one (ie forgetting its settings) tell the authors about it.

but sometimes you don't want it to remember certain settings :) when i change certain values for taking screenshots only to reload the engine later to play a map and think "where the hell has my weapon/sbar/crosshair/fov gone??"

it isn't essential though, true. i just find it handy and have used the same one since 2001 or so 
You Need Two Seperate Commands For That 
Oh, I forgot about aliases. Those can only reside in a autoexec.cfg I think.

rj, I use this:

alias screenshot_on "r_drawviewmodel 0;crosshair 0;viewsize 120;fov 100;showtime 0;showdate 0;showfps 0;bind q screenshot_off"

alias screenshot_off "r_drawviewmodel 1;crosshair 1;viewsize 100;fov 90;showtime 1;showdate 1;showfps 1;bind q screenshot_on"

bind q screenshot_on 
That's good to know.....very unique. 
Statusbar Position 
OK...I found a way to have the statusbar show but now the problem is it shows at the bottom and pushes the screen up the width of the bar, so in effect I have lost screen real estate for the game equal to the width of the bar. My normal resolution is 1440x900 but I'm not getting the full 900px due to the statusbar position 
[Quote]Then you can also use scr_sbaralpha 0.99 (instead of 1) to get it to sit 'in' the view rather than below it, which imo feels nicer.[\Quote]

With scr_sbaralpha I get no postioning. Are you sure that's not related to transparency? 
it is transparency, but any value between 0 & 0.99 shouldn't 'push the screen up' as you put it. only 1 should do that. as far as i remember anyway, can't check atm as i've just reinstalled windows 
Wrong's Fitzquake doing it. I'm testing about 4 different ones.Actually Quakespasm has held number one spot so far. 
You Should Check Out.. 
the RMQ engine from the latest demo release (in the news on this site still). it's basically a modified quakespasm; i prefer it because of the coloured fx lighting and contrast slider (next to brightness.. really improves the look a la darkplaces) 
Travail-rhythmic Clipping Sound 
As the title states I get a rhythmic clipping sound when first starting Travail (only) in Quakespasm. Like...1,2,3,4,5,6 pause 7. It disappears usually after teleporting. It's on both channels and as I turn I can hear it more prevalent from the direction I am turned. Using Linux OSS.
Also this is not using the Travail soundtrack.
It's also not playing demos and the website says there are new demos and my console reads "demos in loop". 
Re:RMQ Engine 
Experiencing the same statusbar problem with that engine too.
I'm linking to a screen of the problem. Look to the right and left of the statusbar. I have fullscreen and my full resolution of 1440 x 900 set and also viewsize "100.000000". This appears in Fitzquake and it's derivatives. 
Re: Travail 
Which quakespasm version? I can't reproduce the clicks using the svn rev. 401. About demos not playing: It's Steven's design not to play demos automatically when the engine starts. Just enter "demos" on the game's console. About travail's soundtrack: You can use it using the latest svn (place them under travail/music/ and rename the tracks properly so they look like trackXX.mp3) 
quakespasm-0.85.3...the noise first starts stepping off the teleporter and stops when stepping on the stairs. (new game). It usually exhibits itself again on every level at the entry point like this. 
Re: Travail 
Ehmm... You are not referring to the sound from the broken light on your left which is the map's own design, are you??? 
Record, Vorbis, Upload. 
Re: Record, Vorbis, Upload. 
We already added support for ogg/vorbis, mp3 and wave music playback. Otherwise I can't understand. (this may not be my best day..) 
Electric Bill Too High 
@szo...How many broken lights do you figure are in the game? It's a hoot...but it could be possible you solved that mystery. 
Re: How Many Broken Lights Do You Figure Are In The Game 
Calm down.

I was trying to suggest that jtarin simply records the audio, encodes it in a suitable format and shares it since that would be the easiest way to hear his problem. 
Custodial Duties 
@Spirit...Excellent suggestion! I think we might have an answer now though...with the broken lights. It seems maintenance in Travail is not as as one would think.The Scrags are slackers. 
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