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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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Quakespasm 0.94.4 Released 
Version 0.94.4 of QuakeSpasm is released.


Changes since the previous version:

- Fixed getting stuck with loading plaque upon attempting to load a
bad save from the menu
- Fixed SZ_GetSpace server crashes, e.g. in ad_magna or ad_mountain
- Fixed intermission camera angles during demo playback
- Don't reset onground flag on every new server message
- Re-enabled title demos by default (turn off with cl_startdemos 0)
- Don't autoplay next demo after a timedemo
- Fixed bad parsing of cdtrack in hipdemo1 from Scourge of Armagon
- Fixed serverinfo off-by-one nummodels/numsounds for protocol 15
- Support for Quake 2021 update 3
- Implemented quad/pentagram dlights for Quake 2021 rerelease
- Implemented 2021 rerelease localsound builtin & svc_localsound (56)
- Several other improvements to Quake 2021 rerelease support
- Several other small fixes and improvements all over the code
- Updated third party code (SDL, lodepng, miniz, some of the codecs,
- Thanks to Andrei Drexler, 'atsb' and 'temx' for their several
Thanks Szo 
- Don't reset onground flag on every new server message

This is a big one for fog triggers and cutscene cameras in progs_dump. No more jittering nonsense, just silky smooth camera moves! 
You're welcome (the patch was Andrei's, btw.) 
metlslime: In Fog_ParseServerMessage(), there is this suspicious code:

time = max(0.0, MSG_ReadShort() / 100.0);

... and max() is obviously defined as:
#define max(a, b) (((a) > (b)) ? (a) : (b))

Which means MSG_ReadShort() will possibly be called twice: is this really intended? 
Re: Fog_ParseServerMessage 
I ended up applying this patch to quakespasm, which will be included in the upcoming 0.94.5 version: 
I personally prefer using functions rather than macros wherever possible, for this specific reason. Any decent compiler will be inlining small functions such as this anyway. 
Ability To Switch Mod From The App 
I would like to have the ability to switch the mod directly from within QS, as in the Spiked version (there's a menu option for this). This feature is great. Why it isn't implemented in the regular QS? 
vkquake now uses a c11 inline solution for it. 
You have the 'game' console command 
The menu option is much more easy and intuitive than a console command, especially if we don't know the exact name of the mod that we would like to activate. Having that menu option is highly desirable, even if there's a console command. 
That just looks like a dumb mistake, really.

The 3 SVCs svc_fog, svc_bf, svc_skybox were added very early in fitzquake and never fully tested (it was before I really understood that we would need builtins and extension discovery to really make new svcs make sense for modders.) svc_bf especially was borne of a purist idea that "stuffcmd is bad" without recognizing the more important fact of "a bunch of existing engines and mods use this thing, it's not going away just because I add some new svc which offers nothing new to the end user."

Later, when I added all the increased limits and made protocol 666, which I did actually test thoroughly, those untested SVCs just kind of snuck in, I didn't really intend them to be part of the official protocol (they are not included in the documentation I added to the quake wiki, for example.) But clearly they exist and they're in a bunch of forks now. So it's good to fix them? 
I fixed svc_fog, even though (and luckily) there looks to be no users of it in the wild.

Do any of the others need any fixing? (I had run into the svc_fog issue while auditing function call uses in clamp, min and max macros.) 
Re:Barnak: Games Command 
Usually you can use the "games" command to have the console list all the directories you have on your Quake folder. 
Quakespasm 0.94.5 Released 
Version 0.94.5 of QuakeSpasm is released.


Changes since the previous version:

- Compatibility with new SDL2 versioning scheme.
- Revised min/max/clamp macros' usage.
- Fixed a potential undefined behavior in R_DrawAliasModel.
- Fixed parsing of the time argument of svc_fog server message. (it
has been broken for more than 20 years and has never seem to have
been used.)
- Other small improvements elsewhere in the code.
- Backported a few fixes to the bundled SDL2-2.0.22 version. 
Re:Mopeybloke And Szo (mods Menu) 
I still believe that it would be a very nice thing to have the same *mods menu* on the main interface as in the Spiked version. This option is *very* intuitive/direct to use (we don't have to remember any console commands, let alone be aware of their existence) and it makes switching mode extremely fast (at least in the Spiked version)! Personaly, I use it alot in QuakeSpasm-spike. 
Agree With Barnak 
The mod menu in Ironwail is something I use a lot when creating my videos. Works very well in that version. 
Quakespasm 0.94.6 Released 
Version 0.94.6 of QuakeSpasm is released.


Changes since the previous version:

- Server protocol size check fixes for sounds and particles.
- An invalid memory access fix in the jpg screenshot writer.
- Basic dependency tracking in Makefiles.
- Backported a few fixes to the bundled SDL2-2.0.22 version.
- Minor build fix for C++ compilers.
- Other small improvements elsewhere in the code. 
Cheers Oz 
I was just going to post a bug report but maybe this version will fix my issue. 0.94.5 would crash to the desktop if a bad server message or similar error came up. 
More Info On #3842 
This code was causing an error in my devkit progs_dump:

if (self.owner.snd_hit)
sound (self, CHAN_WEAPON, self.owner.snd_hit, 1, ATTN_STATIC);

This would crash 0.94.5 directly to the desktop. When I reverted back to 0.94.3 it would dump me to the console and I was able to see the error. Something to the effect of "Bad Server Mssg"

We fixed the code so I can't replicate it 100%. 
One More Test 
It looks like 0.94.6 will display an error but then go to the desktop - I tried a bad model name this time. 0.94.3 would remain at the console which is a little more helpful. 
Can you give me such a bad progs.dat so I can test this and fix the issues? 
I reproduced your issue in a different way: the issue seems to be not in the code but with the build. Working on it.. 
#3842, Dumptruck_ds: 
Rebuilt and re-uploaded the v0.94.6 windows x64 version, which should fix the issue:
(Zip file size is 2,223,408 bytes.)

The 32 bit version doesn't seem to have the issue. 
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