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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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You'll have to compile it, probably. Not hard though: 
Oh, nevermind. I think the GitHub Actions code is working. This should be the Mac build: 
But then, where's the f*** download button? 
Usually under Artifacts the word MacOS would have a link but there seems to be an error on this particular build. 
New Build @2022-August-11 Released 
And it is fine 
OSX: Wrong Version Number 
The latest OS X version has number 0.94.6, while it should be 0.94.7. 
Yeah, just an osx packaging oversight. 
Quakespasm 0.95.0 Released 
Version 0.95.0 of QuakeSpasm is released.


Changes since the previous version:

- Add support for lit water (patch contributed by Josiah Jack, with
fixes from Eric Wasylishen.)
- Add model scale support -- requires protocol 999. (Original patch
contributed by Josiah Jack with fixes from temx and Andrei Drexler.
Thanks to Eric Wasylishen, MH and Spike for useful discussions.)
- Add sv_cheats cvar for 2021 rerelease (patch from Andrei Drexler).
- Clear the startdemo list on game change (patch by Andrei Drexler).
- Try light trace from entity origin first (patch by Andrei Drexler).
- Backport a few fixes to the bundled SDL2-2.0.22 version. 
Great News 
Wonderful to see new releases coming so fast and adding so much! 

Could you possible include a more dynamic blood system that spits out diff colors to represent the damage you are doing.

say if you shoot a death knight, a mix of grey and red particles come out to indicate the enemy has armor?

It could go one step further and make some weapons stronger or weaker against certain enemey types, for example the shambler could be resistant to the thunderbolt, and nails are better for taking down knights than shotgun shells. This could be represented aswell with the dynamic blood system by making larger blood splats when you are doing more dmg using a specific weapon type.

just a thought to add some more gameplay without turning the game upside down. 
I can't speak for the Quakespasm devs but this would be more of a mod for Quake than a change to the Quakespasm engine. I will say that Arcane Dimensions does have similar features and that is a must play mod. One of the best for sure. 
Quakespasm 0.95.1 Released 
Version 0.95.1 of QuakeSpasm is released.


Changes since the previous version:

- Allow mixing lit and unlit textures in the same map.
- Water texture mipmapping support - fixes glistening effect on
distant water.
- Fix screen flashes in some maps with AMD's new drivers.
- Defend against zero-sized textures, e.g. __TB_empty in qbj_grue.bsp
- Fix possible file pointer leak in game load code.
- Minor code cleanups. Updated third party code, e.g. SDL, music
codecs, etc.
- Thanks to 'temx' for his patches. 
"Allow Mixing Lit And Unlit Textures In The Same Map." 
Does this mean that _lightignore will look fullbright in QS and fulldark in everything else? Because if so it seems bad to add that inconsistency when we could already use minlight. 
Oh, I see. It allows compilers to make some liquids unlit/fullbright as they were originally and others lightmapped, even though no compiler does this currently. That's some good foresight. 
Oops, Wrong # 
Mac Silicon Version? 
Is there a Mac Silicon native version of Quakespasm? 
Re: Mac Silicon Version? 
You can build yourself using Xcode. (I don't publish myself because I don't have an Apple certificate for notarization requirement of Silicon version.) 
Apple Certificate For Notarization 
This shouldn't be a problem. I suggest that you publish it anyway with a simple readme file saying that. 
Changing The Console Font Size And Style 
Is it possible to change the console font size and style in Quakespasm?

I'm using a 5k 27" screen, and the text in the console is very hard to read. If I use a smaller non-native resolution, the text becomes blurry. I would like to rise up the font size, and the style if possible. 
Size Is Ok, But What About The Console Font Style? 
Ok, I found that the console font size could be changed with the command screen_conscale 2. But how can we change the font style (if it's even possible)? Currently, the default console font is very jaggy/blocky and it's a pain on the eyes. Is there a way to change it to a better looking font? 
You'll need to provide a custom conchars lump, in a custom gfx.wad, stored in either a mod directory or a higher-numbered .pak file so that it overrides the built-in one.

Even so you'll still be restricted to a 128x128 raw-format image with texels only (no header).

Using system fonts instead is something that would be OS-dependent, and would also not allow for certain special characters (such as the scrollbars used in various Options menus) which, for better or worse, come from the console characters. 
Thanks Mh 
So you say that it's difficult to change the console font, and is not really worth it? There isn't already a customized font somewhere? 
Barnak, it's probably better to think of it like this: Quake doesn't use fonts, it renders text using 8x8 pixel sprites instead. You can use a custom set of sprites, but they'll still be 8x8 pixels and end up blurry when you scale them up.

Quake does this because
a) it wanted text to look stylized
b) it wanted to draw menu graphics using the same sheet of sprites and text engines
c) it was built for MS DOS in 1996 and didn't have any better options

This decision, though understandable at the time, creates a massive barrier to improvements. Replacing this sprite-text system with proper OS font rendering is most likely something you're committed to, no going back/toggling the setting. Quite a change of look and feel! In addition, you've broken backwards compatibility for a bunch of mods which achieve effects through specifics of sprite-text (e.g. QDQ's on screen grenade timer_). Understandable that any engines that prize compatibility steer clear. 
Thanks Preach! 
Your explanations are pretty clear. Thanks!
Okay, I forget about the font style then. At least, I got the size right. 
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