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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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Size Is Ok, But What About The Console Font Style? 
Ok, I found that the console font size could be changed with the command screen_conscale 2. But how can we change the font style (if it's even possible)? Currently, the default console font is very jaggy/blocky and it's a pain on the eyes. Is there a way to change it to a better looking font? 
You'll need to provide a custom conchars lump, in a custom gfx.wad, stored in either a mod directory or a higher-numbered .pak file so that it overrides the built-in one.

Even so you'll still be restricted to a 128x128 raw-format image with texels only (no header).

Using system fonts instead is something that would be OS-dependent, and would also not allow for certain special characters (such as the scrollbars used in various Options menus) which, for better or worse, come from the console characters. 
Thanks Mh 
So you say that it's difficult to change the console font, and is not really worth it? There isn't already a customized font somewhere? 
Barnak, it's probably better to think of it like this: Quake doesn't use fonts, it renders text using 8x8 pixel sprites instead. You can use a custom set of sprites, but they'll still be 8x8 pixels and end up blurry when you scale them up.

Quake does this because
a) it wanted text to look stylized
b) it wanted to draw menu graphics using the same sheet of sprites and text engines
c) it was built for MS DOS in 1996 and didn't have any better options

This decision, though understandable at the time, creates a massive barrier to improvements. Replacing this sprite-text system with proper OS font rendering is most likely something you're committed to, no going back/toggling the setting. Quite a change of look and feel! In addition, you've broken backwards compatibility for a bunch of mods which achieve effects through specifics of sprite-text (e.g. QDQ's on screen grenade timer_). Understandable that any engines that prize compatibility steer clear. 
Thanks Preach! 
Your explanations are pretty clear. Thanks!
Okay, I forget about the font style then. At least, I got the size right. 
Apple Silicon 
@Barnak in case you didn't get it to compile, you can find a Universal QSS-M (has almost latest QS as part of fork) at 
What does the -M add to QSS? 
Woods: Mouse Issue 
I tried your game app (QSS-M), and there's a strong mouse issue that makes QSS-M unusable:

The app works, graphics are all okay (AFAIK), but the mouse is way too slow. I adjusted the mouse sensibility to the max in QSS-M options, and the mouse motion is still too slow. But worst: when I quit the app, then my mouse sensibility is turned to the minimum value in the Mac OS. It's painful! I have to go to the OS settings to set back the mouse sensibility to what it was before. I have to redo the same operation each time I quit QSS-M. So there's definitively something wrong with QSS-M. 
Does it work properly in the latest QS? I'd like to see where the bug is, I do not see it on my end. 
QS Is Okay! 
Woods, the latest version of regular QS for OSX plays perfectly, there's no problem with the mouse motion and sensitivity. It's an Intel version, so it plays under Rosetta 2 on a Silicon Mac. I'm suprised that your version has an issue with the mouse. 
I am on a M2 MBP. What is your config setup? Mouse and Mac? 
Mac Mini M2 Pro 
32GB ram, Ventura 13.3.

BlueTooth Apple Magic Mouse, TouchID keyboard. 
just plugged in a logitech mouse, no issues :( wonder what could be causing this, I will investigate further

can you try a wired mouse or diff one? 
but what does QSS-M mean in terms of features? client-side input prediction? interpolation? lag compensation? 
This Google sheet outlines by colors the new features of M vs QSS and QSS vs QS and QS vs Fitzquake

Currently no movement prediction; no NetQuake MP still best played at 50 or less ping. 
Ah, I see. Several CPMA-like features! 
Slightly off-topic, if you are interested I would like to chat with you and see if you are interested in assisting me (or joining me) in some engine coding.

You and I have always had the same goals and I always admired your Mac OS mojo. And we could test each other's work.

Let me know. 
Baker that would be a privilege; it's nice to hear from you. I spent the last year or so (trying) to learn how to program with the QSS-M project. When I came back to Quake a few months into the pandemic I dove into all the projects and found so many of your amazing contributions and borrowed from many. 
Excellent! For the lack of a better plan, I'll send you my email address in a private message at in an hour or so. 
I tried with my old mouse (with a cable). It's the same issue. I suspect it's related to the Apple Studio display I use (it's a 5K display). The mouse is way too slow, even when I set its speed to max in QS-M. When I quit the game, my mouse is then reverted to a crawling speed. I need to set it back to my usual speed in the MacOS settings pane. So QS-M is unusable to me.

I also suspect some kind of interaction with the preferences of the regular QS (latest version available for Mac OS). It appears that when I change my prefs settings in QS-M, it may interfere with my settings in regular QS, but I'm not sure. 
VkQuake (Woods) 
I tried vkQuake, which is native on Silicon Macs (it's an universal binary). It works, except that ... sounds totally sucks and apparently there's no option to setup the sound system. Playing vkQuake give me the impression to have a strong hearing problem. WTF is that mono sound system?

Also, vkQuake doesn't give a command line window at the game launch, which sucks! QuakeSpasm is much better (and there's no sound problem with QS!).

The mouse feel is different in vkQuake. It's not as "sensible" as the mouse sensitivity in QS, but it's okay. I can set it to a relatively good feel. But strangely, it affects the mouse sensitivity in QS after I quit vkQuake and I have to set it back in QS! WTF!?

On a side note: vkQuake has a cool control feature that I would like to see in QS: a zoom view using the keyboard. I'm unaware if there's something similar in QS. 
VkQuake (Woods) 
With Windows, you can change the sound settings as for QuakeSpasm in vkQuake by adding :
vkquake.exe -sndspeed 44100

Else, sound sampling is 11025 Hz as for original Quake.

Maybe this works on Mac too? 
Macs applications can't do command line parameters.

Like how the Apple mouse that comes with your Mac has 1 button, so you put the Apple mouse in a drawer and plug in a real mouse with 5 mouse buttons and a scroll wheel. 
The regular QS on Mac has a command line option at start. vkQuake doesn't.

The Apple Magic mouse is a track pad on a curved surface. It has two buttons and a "scroll wheel". In Quake, I don't need to use these options. I use the mouse exactly like my old one-button mouse (with a cable) and it's enough for me in Quake1 (and even in Quake3). I do all the rest with my left hand on the keyboard. 
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