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..::LvL In October
The October ..::LvL update has a few interesting maps and a few keepers. Top of the list are 'Left Behind' from cityy and 'Battlegrounds' from ShadoW.

Map authors and fans of something a little different should also check out 'Camelot Castle' and 'Sod Style'.

* Left Behind by cityy - DM/Tourney/TeamDM 2-6 player
* Battlegrounds by ShadoW - DM/Tourney/TeamDM 2-6 player
* Camelot Castle / Sahra Catacombs by Camel-XP - DM/TeamDM/CTF 8-20 player
* Sod Style by Panda (Pantsu) - Experimental CTF/TeamDM 4-12 player
* The Good Place by DeathRock - DM/Tourney 2-3 player
* The Longest yard remixed by Marcin S. & Sebastian G. - DM/TeamDM 3-6 player

30 second videos for 4 of the 6 releases and 360 degree panoramas for all.

..::LvL -
Left Behind and Battlegrounds are outstanding maps. You'll want to keep both if you like Quake 3.

It's safe to skip the 2 remakes and the same goes for Panda's map unless you play E+. I didn't try the castle map yet, I hate castles. 
You Hate Castles??? 
Man, 'castle' from Tiddles is one of my fav ffa maps :) 
If you got a link to that one I'll try it.

(When I type 'map castle' in my Quake installation an FFA map loads that both looks and plays ass. I've seen some screenies of maps by Tiddles and I'm quite sure that he didn't make this one though, hehe.) 
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