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Spirit1dm3 -- Zeal & Fury (Quake MP)
Here is the final release of Zeal & Fury, a small FFA map for Quake. It has lots of stuff to pick up for its size and many fun jumps, all of which are possible in both NQ and QW. The map comes in a zip that includes various goodies like loc/lit/dlit files and great waypoints for FrikBotX that were made by Lightning_Hunter.


Thanks to all the people who helped with playtesting, comments and suggestions at, and Euroquake (

Direct download link:

More info on the map (readme, youtube video link, more screenies) is available at my website:


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No, it's standard (non-qw) physics, as in all the QdQ movies. You just have to learn how to take advantage of it.

Of course each speedrunner has his own configuration of buttons and sensitivity for maximum performance, but no cheating (changing sv_* variables (apart from setting sv_aim to 1)) is allowed.

Here's a sample config file belonging to Stubgaard: 
@Trinca: Yes, it's like with all the other FPS scenes I know. But no worries: I'm doing this because it's fun. Playtime is nice but I won't quit mapping just because the majority of people play other maps, hehe. (And I won't whine about the fact that people play the same maps over and over, I've also done that and I still love some of those maps.)

@Mandel: Thanks for the clarification. Now I know that even after trying for 10 minutes I still can't do the first jump in your demo - not because my cfg sucks, but because my Quake skills suck. Damn. :p 
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I guess most people here already know that but you can also play this map at Euroquake (NQ,

We need new news btw, someone go make a map. ;) 
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SP mode.
skill 2
secrets 0/3

no demo. 
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