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Mapper Wanted
Hi and apologies if I post in the wrong place, I could not find a link to add it in the Jobs section.

I am looking for a mapper that would be interested to map for a Quake based Warsow fork. A Quake 3 map format would work well.

Quake: NextGen (this is the name of the project) aims at being as fun as Quakeworld, but in a refreshed environment. Liberty of movement is superior to Quake so maps should be bigger, wider with more "leg room".

If interested, please contact me either on #qw-dev (Quakenet), on forum or directly by email on deurk at deurk dot net.

Thanks! ;)
the "jobs and mappers wanted" thread would have been the right place for it, but i'll leave this thread here so people can read it and contact you if they want to. 
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