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..::LvL - And The Winner Is ...
Wow, what a month at ..::LvL. First up is the winner of the ..::LvL Experimental Single Player Comp, D-Meat. Then we have another two maps that are well worth checking, Corrosion from Phantazm11 and Null And Void by fKd.

* Lo sota Olt by D-Meat - Experimental Single player
* Corrosion by Phantazm11 - DM/TeamDM/Clan Arena 4-10 player
* Null And Void by fKd - Space DM/Tourney/TeamDM 2-4 player,
* Fagment by KOHTPA - DM/Tourney/TeamDM 2-4 player
* Beneath the Waves by Wakey - DM/Tourney 2-6 player
* Sod Style (2) by Ney - Excessive Plus CTF 2-6 player

30 second videos for the first 4 maps and 360 degree panoramas for all releases.

I would just like the thank the judges of the ..::LvL Experimental Single Player Comp - Bliccer, Anthem and Morbus for their support and great feedback on the comp.

And to finish up, congratulations to D-Meat. Lets hope the next comp gets a few more entries :]

..::LvL -
STALKER C.O.P. Screenshot!

Or possibly GTA but with no vehicles.

Or Sickbase lol 
At Least 2 Great Maps 
If you don't have Corrosion yet go download it now. And even though I'm not at all a fan of space floaters I strongly recommend to grab Null And Void, too.

I didn't try the others yet so they could be great as well. :) 
is a great map.

And fkd hasnt done any wrong yet so picked up his space map too.

Now I need to find my q3 cd :) 
Will Have To Play ... 
The single player map by D-Meat and the Krichevo Town map. I very curious about the former, and the latter looks amazing. I have to try the Q3 Pacman map too (yeah not part of the news, but I've got to try that one).

Once I play D-Meat's map, I'll post feedback. I'm very curious. 
Also curious about the singleplayer map. 
it's maps like corrosion and null and void that keep q3 on my hdd. :) 
Cheers Ppl 
just a quick thanks for downloading and playing the maps, happy holidays and all that shit. gg 
Finally Got Around To Playing The D-Meat's SP Map 
It's nice. Not as epic as Sock's map - it's actually very short, but also has two routes - and also less frustrating if one is not into puzzles. And it even has some mild action (a bot in one area). Oh, and it looks good. GG D-Meat. 
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