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"It's All About The Pentiums!"
What do you think of Weird Al Yankovic?

Back when I was a teen, he had some of those parody video clips out there. I didn't really think that much about him, I kinda saw him as a rip off who made money from other people's success, although I thought 'All About The Pentiums' was cool and funny:
("You think your Commodore 64 is kinda neato, what kind of chip you got in there, a dorito?")

I've re-discovered him online and I must admit I'm starting to like the guy. Aside from his video clips, he has these celeb interviews out there like:



Avril Lavigne:

Jessica SAMpson (lol):

But also some general jokes as (funny when you are in the guitar scene):

Weird Al SHREDS!!!

He also seems to be able to actually play an instrument:

Anyway, he seems to enjoy a rather large following on the internet and I wonder what people here think about Al?
Why Didn't You Put This In The Music Thread? 
Because.... is not what this topic is about necessarily. But, if a mod wants to move it there, fine. 
Video Clips Of Music Isn't Music? 
I thought he was pretty funny until I saw his movie. That was utter crap, with no laughs at all. Also realised Kramer is only funny when playing Kramer. 
I Only Saw 
the Jessica Sampson interview, and it was not funny at all. 
jt, I'm sorry, but do I really need to spell this out for you? Yes, he has music vids, but that's not what this topic is necessarily about. I only had 1 link to ONE music video vs all the rest of NON music videos. Get it now?

Anyway, I agree that not everything is funny, but I did laugh quite a lot during some of those interviews. Of course, it does require that you know a little bit about the subjects... otherwise it's not funny indeed.

Jessica Simpson for instance seems to be very willing to talk about her sex life when she's being interviewed while the rest that she talks about isn't really all that interesting and I wonder if she finds it interesting herself when she speaks. So that's why I thought the joke on that from Al was quite strong.

With Eminem, I liked the 'know what I'm saying' stuff because these rappers keep repeating themselves indeed and generally speaking, while they are supposed to be 'word masters' they actually talk pretty dumb when you break it down. A good example of that is when Enimem said: "I don't owe nobody in my family nothing", which is a typical dumb sentence that even sounds wrong to me as a foreigner (I'm Dutch), and I love how Al breaks it apart by saying: "Wow, that's a triple negative! Does that mean you do owe somebody in your family something?".

Again, I suppose it does require you take note of these things and know how these people are before you can laugh about it.

Also, with Madonna, she kept looking to the ceiling when she was searching for words and I loved how Al played into that one too by first looking up to the ceiling himself to see what's up there then asking her what the hell she's looking at :)

Etc., the list goes on - his interviews are full with that kind of stuff, which I, for one, indeed find funny :) 
OK 2 Links 
Can't edit my post, so: it's 2 links to music vids VS 5 NON-music videos (again this is for jt_, who seems to need this explained to him letter by letter. Other ppl can ignore this).

I also forgot to mention that when you are into the guitar scene, you expect to see a fast guitarist when you see the word "SHRED" because a shredder is a fast playing guitarist. Instead of seeing that, Al shredded some paper, which I indeed found funny too... 
How is this funny when the interviews are not real? He is just editing together some shit, no? Because you can make everyone look stupid by editing what they say. 
OK, Well I Am Aware Of The Name 
Weird Al Yankovic.

Anyway, he seems to enjoy a rather large following on the internet and I wonder what people here think about Al?

I think as a comedian I would give him a 3.5 out of ten. He might make you laugh, but probably wont. As a musician I would give him a -3 out of ten. Just because he makes songs more irritating by singing them too fast and in a stupid voice, with the same boring backing track style.

What is the point?

What you you think of Sacha Baron Cohen?

He makes me laugh even more than Mrs Merton. He asks some really stupid questions, to real people and the comedy comes from his delivery. He fools a lot of people into thinking that this is the real him. 
I've 'got It' From The Beginning 
But the thing is, weird al makes this stuff called music. And there's already a music thread. And 99% of this thread could be in there.

Do I need to spell it out for you some more?

I Knew What You Meant... 
...but I just don't understand why you have to keep nagging about it since the thread is already here and I already said that if that's a problem, they can just move it to the music thread.

Anyway(@Sleepwalker), I already explained what I found funny about Al, no need to do it all again although I might add that one can do and say things in a fake interview that wouldn't be possible in a real one for several reasons.

Basicly, Al's own explanation is that he thinks people take these stars and their music way too seriously and therefore he likes to make parodies. A lot of people seem to like him for that.

I don't know Sacha Baron Cohen yet, will have to check that out before commenting on it... 
Ah.... Ali G 
... I do know him (of course) and I don't find his act funny. Never did. I rather see a fake interview from Yankovic then a real one with a fake act.

I guess we're just different people :) 
he was funny back in the 90s. i doubt i'd appreciate his stuff if i heard it for the first time now 
i used to know someone from school who could recite 'alberquerque' from beginning to end. true story 
if it wasn't me I'm going to be really surprised :) 
now i remember it i'm sure there were two of you. i distinctly remember sitting in 10.1 being treated to a duet :) 
10.1! That would make me.... far too old at the time for that to be acceptable. It's been ages since I last chatted to you mate, want to shoot me an email or get on skype sometime? 
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