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Q1 Light Into A Q3bsp For Darkplaces
I'm trying to figure out if anyone has adapted Q1 light.exe for use on a q3bsp making like a Q1/Q3bsp hybrid. I can find a lot more info on the structure of a q3bsp. To me it would seem possible. Darkplaces seems like it would be able to run such a hybrid.

I found a hack way of getting lightstyles into the dynamic lighting of the q3bsp, but not the normal light. Couldn't the light.exe source code be modified to place the light data in a q3bsp?

You disregard hints and comments.

You are asking bad incomplete questions.

You have been told that you will have to edit the engine and map format.

You could probably hack around that but ugh.

You did not even read the etiquette of this message board at 
That being said it would be great if one could use lightstyles and togglable lights without hacks in Q3BSP in Darkplaces. 
There hasn't really been any hints. I understand it's a modified bsp format. That has never been what I was asking, I asked if someone has tried.
The q3bsp format can have lightstyles. This much I know. On a q3bsp, there are 17 total lumps(well, on a quake 3 bsp, some of the others have more.) Lump #14 is the lightmaps and #15 is lightvols. I could be wrong, but replacing lump #14 with the .lit info and #15 with the .dlight info seems like a starting point to see what happens. What I've been asking, is has anyone tried this? It might work and create like a dpbsp. I can tell you this, if you create a trigger that turns on lights in q3bsp, it lists them as lightstyles in the .bsp file. They are style 32+. You can use a hex editor to change them to 01-11 and they work, but only with dynamic lighting on.

I don't really have technical data on the q1 bsp format. Does anyone know where I can find the file structure? I know I could look at the source, but I'm not that much of a coder to go through it all. I am looking for someone that has messed with the bsp compiler sources to point me in some kind of direction. 
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