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MaverickServers Q3 Mapping (w/ Advert Textures) Competition
For the third time, is hosting a Quake 3 mapping competition / advertising showcase for their sponsors. Mappers from the community are encouraged to participate; veteran mappers and those looking to get into mapping are welcome to join in on the fun. Prizes will be awarded to the best maps.

The contest will start in late May or early June and run for roughly 10 weeks. Judging will occur for 1 week after. Registration deadline is 3 weeks after the start date (roughly around June 21st). More information can be found at the main website here:
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Baker, Please.... 
Also I can't find any mention that non-Americans are excluded. 
I installed Quake 3 and GTXRadiant 1.5 on the back of reading this. But i'll be DAMNED if I can figure out how to make even 1 solitary brush with GTK Radiant 1.5. Tut-vid to the rescue? 
Simply draw one in the 2D window (like you make a selection box in the OS). I'm sure there are tutorial videos on Youtube. The manual should have some first steps information as well. And gb wrote a beginners guide for Radiant on his blog. 
The competition is open to everyone, not only Americans. 
I'm Flat Out Dumb 
What the fuck are you talking about, really.. 
^^ Flat Out Dumb He Is 
I like to know, too, what are you talking about? 
I Did A Flat Out Stupid Post 
Seriously. This was dumb even by my standards of occasionally making a stupid post.

My apologizes to Maverick Servers, Nitin and anyone else who I perturbed with that comment. 
Wait, What? 
Isn't Q3 a deathmatch game? I'm confused... 
But Does It Have To Be?

My very stupid comment in this thread and some my general anti-DM comments are regarding the uses of Q3 mapping is that several single player games used the Q3 engine (!).

Why are no Q3 master minds taking that open source engine and making visionary things you can do with it beyond the me-too fight Sarge and Major (again) thing?

The source feeling of some of my admittedly stupid eye-rolling posts is it almost like no one in the Q3 community (except possibly Open Arena to some extent) has a willingness to take the Quake III Arena open source gift and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING with it.

This is the engine that made Jedi Outcast, Medal of Honor games, Call of Duty games, Star Trek Elite Force, Urban Terror.

And despite this game being open source, the Quake III community apparently has no LordHavoc, no Spike, not even a Necros or Kell to actually take the open sourcing of Quake III to somewhere interesting in special.

The Cube engine has achieved more.

I am disappointed that the Quake III community doesn't have a Pied Piper to leads the rats out of the street. They make such beautiful things.

There I said it. No, I'm not taking this back.

The Quake 3 engine can be used to make car chases:

Space wars, single player combat games ...

Yet in many ways the open sourcing of Quake III Arena has led to, well, ioQuake 3 has 5 button mouse support.

Are you impressed? It's been almost SIX years now ...

(No there isn't, as far as I can tell, the equivalent of a Quake III Arena Spirit or Kinn ...) 
I think the difference is you are talking about q3 the engine as opposed to q3 the game.

The game is for DM. Some people like DM. Mappers are people. Therefore, maps are made for DM.

Unless some coders do what you are saying, mappers will not make maps that may work in some sp version of the engine that might necver see the light of day.

Also, Sock tried a puzzle oriented sp version within the stock engine and received luekwarm response at best (and I'm guilty of that too as I havent even played it yet). 
Well... there's this thing that's brewing up at Quake3World which could eventually be able to make SP campaigns like Doom or Quake: 
Also, Sock tried a puzzle oriented sp version within the stock engine and received luekwarm response at best (and I'm guilty of that too as I havent even played it yet).

not only that, but i got the impression from him that he pretty much pushed the q3 'progs' to the limit w/regards to entity usage. there didn't seem like there was much else to do after his map. 
Quake 3 was designed to be a multiplayer game. Nobody uses it for single player modifications because the engine isn't really supposed to be used for it. And as far as DM goes quake 3 is one of the best games ever with plenty of mods. 
Baker is like L. T. Smash from The Simpsons, trying to recruit Quake3 mappers over to being Quake1 mappers. Quake1 has lots of great programming and programmers, but mapping has tailed off lately. He also was looking for a tune for his latest Quake engine. May I suggest this Simpson's tune...

"Yvan eht nioj"

makes subliminal look liminal... 
hmm... i seem to have the sudden urge to join the navy...

no one makes q3sp because it's there's nothing to do it with. there's no monsters and only basic entity support is there like standard triggers, relays and simple doors and plats.

i have no idea, but judging from the one attempt i know of to do q3sp (which sucked hard), i can only conclude it's insanely difficult.

so yeah, there's your answer.

you may have legitimate grievances, but ragging on people for doing q3dm maps is lame. 
I don't like Q3A, neither the concept nor the execution of it as a game, BUT it is a popular game and an even more popular FPS mapping game, and from what I see people do some pretty badass maps for it, so WTF, go make Q3A DM maps!! 
What about the (imo valid) artistic creation of snapshots of a world detached from the constraints of gameplay? (peoples' personal enjoyment of dm over sp content aside) 
Artistic Creation Of Snapshots Of A World Detached From The Constraint 
You emo DICK. This is fucking Quake or a vastly inferior bastardised derivative thereof, not fucking art college. 
"The game is for DM. Some people like DM. Mappers are people. Therefore, maps are made for DM. "

I'm just not convinced that most of the Q3 mappers are DM players. I never see Sarge or Major in any of their screenshots or YouTube frag videos accompanying a Q3 map release.

The Q3 mapping community is largely artists and skill crafters as far as I can tell.

These people have mindblowing capability to make incredible beautiful places, the set of tools they have to translate this talent to something "more" is impaired by the lack of avenues for expression.

You can build incredible little worlds with the Q3 map format ... but in the end you cannot actually bring them to life in any meaningful way.

That being said, I find this thread encouraging:

And no, I didn't become rabid until *AFTER* Sock's map. I've also seen an interesting single player DarkPlaces release using the Q3 format: 
Shambler Prefers UT 
Enough said. 
I think if that mod takes off, you might see some maps that satisfy you but unless it's a DMSP type affair, most maps released will still be for dm. 
#21 Settled That One. 
Shambler, you win the internet. Thank you for your insightful and truthful comments. 
Emo? EMO? Fsck off emo.

The dick is valid tho. 
#21 best comment in a while 
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