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Desperately Seeking: Jim Kaufman (rock2) + 'karl' (town4)
Hey Guys,

I'm trying to locate the whereabouts of two old skool map makers. Maybe someone here can help:

1. Jim Kaufman, 'Sgt Thundercok' (rock2, well6, spazball)
This guy made one of the greatest TF maps ever - rock2. In two months time (22nd October 2011), the entire AGR player base ( ) will come together at the same time, at the same place, to play at our annual 32 player, two hour Mega-game known as Rock2ober: .

Here's last years promo vid:

I've tried to contact Jim for years, to let him know about this tribute to his work at every email address I could find, but they were all rejected by the system as invalid. Planetfortress, specifically someone called 'HURT', did an interview with him:

There's no date, and I was hoping that *someone* at planetfortress might have an idea of where he is, but every email address I tried has been rejected. It would be absolutely awesome if Jim Kaufman himself could finally make an appearance at a Rock2ober event, and see how his map is absolutely LOVED, so many years later.

2. 'Karl' (town2, town4)
One of my many obsessions is the resurrection of Town4, an amazing, yet sadly forgotten map. The gameplay quite frankly sucks (hit the buttons), but the solution I've been working on is to resurrect it as a payload map:
... the path is already there! Teamxlink has already begun work on the decompilation and reconstruction of town4, and frag.machine has presented a working cart!! From what I understand however, the reconstruction of the bsp is a BIG job, as many brushes have to be remade (I'm not a mapper so I'm not sure if I'm describing it properly). If TeamXLink could have the original .map file - it can be done.. (though as I'm writing these words I'm wondering if it's possible to do it via an ent edit... Though my work stalled in trying to write a working cart, I *did* learn a little about ent editing, and off the top of my (still newbie) head, I can't see why the cart, *and* the path can't be spawned in the QuakeC.. if not combined with an ent edit...) hmm anyway.. the original .map file would still be GREAT!

His last known email was , so he's an Aussie.. I did write to him MANY years ago (asking about how the night/day bit was triggered), and he responded w a vid i still have somewhere, but his email is now dead

So.. if anyone knows, or knows someone who might know the whereabouts of Jim Kaufman 'Sgt Thundercok' (it's been a while now.. maybe he has teenage kids who he's hiding his old nickname from ;) ) or Karl, the author of the amazing town4, please let me know.

Any suggestions, leads etc will also be appreciated.


Contact Me 
ps I forgot to add: Please contact me at:

with any info, leads, or suggestions - even if it's been months (or even YEARS) since I posted this request (August 2011)

thank you!

'Sgt Thundercok' (it's been a while now.. maybe he has teenage kids who he's hiding his old nickname from ;) ) or Karl, the author of the amazing town4, please let me know.

The days march on. Once a Sergeant, he becomes a father. In time, a grandfather. His family don't visit half as much as he thinks they should, but when they do, all gather round the fire to hear old Grampa Thundercok tell his war stories.

"I created whole worlds!" he rants, "I painted them, I named them and called them my own! I built a fortress on the rock. When men came, we filled the skies with fire and lead."

The children don't understand. "But who lived there?" one asks. The grandfather's face darkens. "Noobs" he mutters. "You're all fucking noobs." 

Just stumbled on this, 4 years later! Anyway, thanks for the kind words.

An email that works for me is

Take out the x's 
And hilarious post by starbuck above.

Still gaming. Still wish I'd finished 'Fortress of the Damned' and that 'Spaz-Ball' would have been more popular.

That said, I'm glad I could contribute to what was a once in a lifetime melding of technology, people and gaming energy.

It started with Doom for me; made my first map for Doom. Then Quake and CTF. Then the CTF mods. Then Team Fortress. I remember going into 2 Forts the first time and thinking what a frenzied mess and poor looking map. It didn't help I could barely get out of the basement without dying. Noob. :)

And then, the next day, I did some research and starting building. I didn't play the game live until 'Well' was built, occasionally testing online along the way with my brother.

Cheers to John and Robin! 
Thank you for rock2 Jim, easily one of the best multiplayer experiences I've had, to this day. Formative in my gaming experiences and expectations. 
Excellent thread resurrection. :-) 
Thanks scar3crow.

Got away from mapping and got back into music and playing guitar for about 6 years. Then got into MMO's for about 6 years. WoW. Lotro. Conan. SWTOR.

Recently got back into single-player games and have been catching up to the nice ones from the past 3-5 years. Far Cry3/4, Dishonored, All Batman's, CoJ:Gunslinger, Mafia 2,Various AC games, Wolfenstein, CoJ:Bound in Blood.

Most recently Arkham Knight but now Witcher 3. 
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