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The upcoming game from id Software.

RAGE Behind the Scenes
Warning, these seem to contain quite a lot of spoilers. :-(
Pt. 1: The Legacy of id
Pt. 2: The Dawn
Pt. 3: The Arsenal
Pt. 4: The Wasteland
Pt. 5: The Enemy
Pt. 6: The Sound and Art

Gameplay Trailers
Gearhead Vault Gameplay Trailer
Official Trailer - Uprising
The Well Official Gameplay Trailer
The Shrouded Official Gameplay Trailer
Gameplay Trailer - Dead City
GameSpot Stage Shows - Rage (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) - Pre E3 2011 Interview
Untethered Trailer

There are more videos from Quakecons and on random gaming sites but I could not be arsed to hunt them down.

Other stuff
Gigantic screenshots at
Normal ones at

Collection of previews at the annoying bethblog (i was born in 1861!)

I wish I wasn't such a DRM-opposer and would throw away money for the latest greatest hardware. What about you?
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"Hm, I don't really think of it as a 'shooter'. If you play it in the same way you would play HL or Quake, then yes, it's very boring. What I like about it is how the game invites the player to try to exploit as much of the environment as possible, even though it's way too gray and samey :P"

I don't like the game at all no matter how you want to define it. Shooter, rpg, stealth game, to me it's pure boredom. It appeals to people who like sandboxness per se, you know the type of guy who gets excited by discovering you can use pepper spray on tripwire mines (even if it is completely useless as there are a billion ways of bypassing any challenge, all equally valid and boring as fuck).

The plot is very dumb and not very good. It's impressive the way the game keeps track of what you did, but that's not enough. Boring plot, boring gameplay, boring levels, boring everything 
Yes Those Are All Fair Points... 
...apart from the fact they are complete goatshit and it is still one of the very best games ever made. Unless you're a retard. 
Funny... empty praise is never a problem, but criticism? Uh oh. Fuck it, there's plenty of universally acclaimed stuff that bores me to tears, let people have their own opinions.


On a sidenote... Has anyone ever noticed how in Deus Ex, the first couple of levels all have monochrome lighting? I verified this in the editor. Only after you start getting in a bit further colored lighting starts becoming typical. That certainly contributes to the 'grey box' look it has. I wonder if the development of the game ran parallel with the development of the engine? It only came out a year after Unreal afaik. 
I don't think being so sensitive to criticism to deus ex is reasonable. To be honest, I loved the game when I was 13. As an adult, I thought it was just a mediocre game at best, with neat stuff like the game keeping track of small plot minutiae or using various approach to situation you can bypass the standard way anyway.

I liked bloodlines (similar to deus ex) more, if you liked deus ex you should probably check it out... it still has flaws but probably worth to check out 
Well There We Go. 
""To be honest, I loved the game when I was 13. As an adult""

As an adult the game was at least 5 years outdated. Not sure what was happening in the gaming world in the intervening 5+ years, but it is was probably enough to make DX seem less exciting... 
Count me as another underwhelmed Deus Ex player. Admittedly I had to play it on super-low-graphics settings at the time, which made everything look like a brown-grey mush, but the fact that every. single. puzzle. had to be solved in one of exactly three ways (shoot, sneak, tech), which affected the highly-linear story not a jot was hateful. Also the circle-strafing bad guys. Totally ruined the immersion.

But then I remember thinking HL was a bag of wank at the time, too, because although it tried very hard to present what appeared to be an open, realistic world, it was so rigidly linear and yet sometimes the route forward was so obscure (I'm thinking of the passage through the rocks into the first minefield) that you spent ages backtracking fruitlessly.

HL2 was much better but I didn't bother to complete the boss fight at the end of Ep2 on the basis that mines that stick to things *but don't explode unless you shoot them* was an entirely infuriatingly, pointlessly convoluted way of killing the boss things, especially when you've just walked past an ammo dump FULL OF ROCKETS. 
I don't remember doing a lot of backtracking or getting lost in HL, but everyone has different experiences I guess... 
Apparently The Rage Thread... now the Every Single Game thread.

gb - It isn't that you insufficiently praised Quake, it is that you wrote 200 words seemingly describing what characterizes Quake, using mischaracterizations and negative terms. Maybe it is just a language difficulty, and you meant those things in a positive respect? Even if so, it doesn't match what other people experience when they play Quake, and what they miss when they play other games and find them lacking next to Quake. This isn't a cult of personality or an elite cadre of fanboys, we do accept the existence of differing opinions, but we expect that what is being opined on has some basis in the reality of the subject.

To put it in another perspective, one could suggest that a Doom3like is a slow moving first person shooter with an obvious plot arc and on-screen mouse UIs for game buttons, where monster spawns are tied to armor pickups and player choice is never a factor. Some of this may be true, but even the parts that are true are not an indicator of what makes the Doom3 experience, and a project which followed such wouldn't necessarily be a Doom3like. To suggest to Doom3 fans that these things encapsulate the experience and express it is both offensive, and ignorance. The same goes for Quake.

Func_Msgboard has more to do with Quake mapping rather than the Quake platform, the people here make maps for Quake because they like _Quake_, not idtech1. 
RAGE2 Aka FarCry7....actually Good In The End. 
Yes it is well worth playing, once you get used to some off-putting clunkiness. Yes it is Far Cry Neon Max Edition but the theme and viscerality is a merciful change from the previous 5 main post-Crytek Far Crys.

What makes it worthwhile:
1. Good violent 3D combat with potentially varied playstyles.
2. Very easy to play as a brief dip-in-and-out sporadic game (combat "missions" are manageably short), or spend a long time chugging away through the world, as you feel like.
3. Driving around the world is simple, easy, and fun as a "drive like a cunt" simulator in itself.
4. Graphics and backdrops are generally great and run well.
5. Themes and characters are fairly distinctive (if sometimes ultra-cliched) and stylish and the world is fairly vibrant and "active" .

As an open world (yawn snore) post-apoc action game, it does work. But there's a few things you have to put up with throughout:
1. Yes neon pink (and to a lesser extent cyan and yellow) is fucking everywhere and yes it's obviously artificially shoe-horned in to avoid imaginary "too brown" complaints. It takes some getting used to.
2. As per the god awful box art, the common Goon enemies all look exactly like that hideous picture of Killes with his vacuous rotten-teeth grin and manic-yet-vacant moron eyes. So if you have a weak stomach or a quite justifiable aversion to being reminded of that horrific example of inbred cretinism, you might find it traumatic.
3. Saving is check-point based, respawning you back at a previous nearby point, and bewilderingly there is no saving allowed during a combat mission.
4. Controls are extra-bloated with numerous Use keys (use, hold use, hold focus, and sometimes shoot for crates), plus plentiful hold focus + press extra key for Nanotrite powers (the latter can be thankfully ignored).

Now then....this is after playing it a while. I've got used to it and I recommend it. BUT early on it is quite off-putting and I was on the verge of cancelling for a refund... So it's worth heeding how the game works.

You start out in the middle of basic combat. This implies it's a simple action shooter - it's not (incidentally you start out picking up Ranger Armour which implies you have some form of armour and survivability - you don't). The intro action ends, there's cutscene faff (present and skippable throughout) and you're dumped in an open world and go out and die because there's no direction and you're a glass pistol and even the basic killesgoons are bullet sponges and UGH.

So what it actually is is an Upgrade Shooter. There's some bullshit cliche purpose about some twat and some story and something mind-numbingly dull. The real purpose is to collect a load of shite and "points" from the world (in accordance with the bloated controls, there's a vastly bloated array of resources including cash, feltrite, nanotrites, junk, crafting resources, progress points, weapon upgrades and JFC fuck listing them all), to transmogrify yourself into a normal level FPS protagonist and stomp the fuck out of the world. So you have to check all the trillion different upgrade levels and resources and start applying them and then it becomes genuinely fun. It's absolutely fine as an Upgrade Shooter - the collecting and upgrading is quite satisfying - but the set-up and lack of guidance is quite deceptive - hence me warning you now.

Pro-tip: Start doing this straight away (including tediously reading through all the data options), rather than after several hours of underpowered aimless saveless grinding through random encounters.

HTH. TL,DR: good fun game, upgrade-focused progression so get used to that early on. 
I haven't played nearly the whole thing so I will assume there is some fucking horrendous terribly designed saveless IMBA gimmick boss encounter or several to ruin the game later on but equally I will have got my money's worth already. 
Finished It. 
43 hours, well worth it. Would actually keep doing more exploring but have run out of Wasteland.

Bosses were fine, had done enough exploring and upgrading that they were all manageable.

Didn't do any racing, fuck that shit. Did manage to do a full barrel roll and landed it while driving normally.

Didn't use any of the nanotrite bullshit. Far too complex holding focus and pressing some random button at the same time as moving shooting jumping etc. If this had been done like Dishonoured's slick off-hand way it might have worked. Given you've already got FPS weapons and grenades/drones/wingsticks, whatever.

Couple more pro-tips for earlier on:

Feltrite = health, but getting it from combat early on = instant death exposing yourself. Better from crates / embedded.

Buying / crafting health packs verrry useful.

Hunting around Arks for weapons also verrry useful. Non-Goon enemies often require more specific weapons (Shrouded - firestorm / grav darts, Authority sentry towers - charged pulse cannon), makes it a lot more fun.

I think that's it?? Any Qs just ask xx 
Not Even Worth Quake1 
That game (and all the other shits) isn't even close to the fun in Quake1. 
There's a reason I still play Quake and have probably played more hours in that than other FPSes added together. Bout other FPSes can still be fun, and given the dearth of other good visceral / fantastical FPSes in recent years, it's worth discussing the few around. 
Rage Is A Good Game 
I don't think anyone hated it. I really disliked how quickly the second area was over, the last level felt unfinished. 
Rage Was Id's Worst Game. 
They did some Java mobile games. Those take the cake. 
I Think Thats Up For Debate Otp 
There's some who'd say that Doom 3 is their worst game. I might be bold enough to say that Doom 2 is only good because of the SSG and the new enemies, but the level design generally stank.

As for the Java games, I really enjoyed their NDS updated version of Orcs and Elves. 
Id's Games Ranked In Order: 
Excepting original Dooms as I don't really know those, add those around the top 2/3 as required...

Quake 2
Doom 4
Rage 2 / Doom 3
Quake 4
Quake Live
...long gap...
Q3A / Quake Chumps

How is Q3A way worse than Q4? That one isn't even by idSoft BTW. 
Q3A isn't even a game BTW. It's an engine test. The MP-only bullshit is also objectively terrible multiplayer mechanics / gamefeel too. 
you realise that deep down, they all fucking suck.

The only one that doesn't suck is the best bits of the 23 years of community-made content for quake 1. 
Q1 fucking owns. 
Ok, Now I Want To Play This Game :P 
RAGE 2: TerrorMania is out now!


In the second expansion you’ll explore the twisted and cursed alternate reality of the wasteland, the Deadlands. Reverse the curse before the skeletal forces of darkness can break free and take over the land of the living. Arm yourself with a brand-new weapon – a powerful sword that’s also the key to unlocking the gates between realities – and face off against a legion of skeletal enemies.

Available through the in-game store!

RAGE 2: TerrorMania Introduces:

-New Weapon: Sword of Transitus – An ancient relic of unspeakable power.

-New Location: The Deadlands – Explore an alternate reality version of the wasteland. Once you complete the DLC story, you’ll be able to return to each location in the Deadlands and experience them again.

-New Enemy: Army of the Dead – Face off against the undead versions of familiar factions like the Goon Squad, Immortal Shrouded, River Hogs and Abadon Muties. 
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