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EntityPlus Beta 1 Released!
A new version of the Quake 3 single player mod EntityPlus has been released. This new version, beta 1, brings a number of new features and bug fixes.

The most notable additions are the support for in-game cutscenes, reading/writing variables across maps and triggering entities based on those variables, support for subtitles, rotating doors and more.

More details can be found here
Quite A Great News 
it's exciting to imagine what could be done with this. Warpspasm in Q3 engine? Nehahra in Q3? or Travail? 
the info_backpack is kind of interesting. in normal SP, you'd just reload the map, so that kind of thing wouldn't be a problem, but in COOP, where the map never restarts, it could be cool.
i remember discussing this kind of thing in the coop thread way back. 
I Think...'s already cool when I could play Q3 with a teammate against bots, even just in the standard maps :) 
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