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..::LvL - TeamDM Maps
Feel like a TeamDM match? ..::LvL has the maps. This update is packed with high quality maps. All of which can be played in either DM or TeamDM mode.

* Achromatic by flipout - DM/Tourney/TeamDM 2-8 player
* Sanctum by ShadoW - DM/TeamDM 4-8 players
* Epilogue by Teddy - CPMA/DM/TeamDM 6-10 player
* Realm of Steel Rats by Khaile and swelt - CPMA/DM/TeamDM 4-8 player
* PowaHaus Redux by swelt and Lunaran - CPMA/DM/TeamDM 4-8 player
* WaterWoodandStone by Meteorkid - DM/TeamDM/Clan Arena/ExcessivePlus 16-32 player

A few of the maps are pretty old, but have never appeared on ..::LvL until now. Others are super-fresh!

30 second videos and 360 degree panoramas for all.

..::LvL -
Achromatic is jaw-dropping stylish. Perfect example why I still consider Quake 3 to be the pinnacle of style/graphics in FPS. 
is awesome.

As for shadow's map, would love to see it without ads (like other Maverick comp maps, Phantazm11 has already re-released an ad free version of his). 
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