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Q1SP - Fortress Of Resurrection By Loke
A small medieval outpost with a base part. Already released four months ago, this one slipped our radar.

The author's first map for Quake; symmetrical layout but very nicely done in terms of construction and style. Good five minute blast of Quake action in these times of Q1SP drought.

Screenshots and download:
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Also, why do you hate me negke roulf!??
Post news at Quaddicted you.

Renamed zip to , no original filedate available. 
"Also, why do you hate me negke roulf!??"

maby because y�re not a friendly guy?!?!?

will play this soon, and report 
Literally a five minute blast:

Good map. Ironic to have a symmetrical layout with the current discussion on func going on. Plenty of detail, nice texture combinations. Good Quake gameplay all around, the RL was interesting to use with so little room. Should have put a couple of those Scrags in the outdoor areas. Also nearly completely 2D, could as well have been a Doom map :( 
Short And Sweet

-Too many doors
-Corridors a bit cramped
-Silver key door confused me
-Mix of themes could be done better

+Fun combat
+Cool enemy combinations

Btw, I'm going to start uploading all my run-throughs to youtube. I'm also going to go back through as many maps as I can and upload those runs to youtube as well. Mostly for fun but also if it gets some more exposure for these great levels then that would be awesome. 
5 minutes is all I can afford right now so this looks pretty good to me. Construction looks interesting, with a pretty fucking wide swathe of textures.

Thanks Loke, and thanks Negke! 
A small nice map. But the fight was fairly weak. It was not some poignant moments. Good luck in your next work! 
not bad, but a good instance of how symmetry can kind of let things down. The doors actually helped in this map, I thought, segmenting things off and allowing for more varieties in approach. Kind of an artificial, or "weak" way to do that though.
Still, some nice touches here and there, and I'd be happy to play more little things like this in the future.
texture combo is, I can tell, composed of those available with baker's WC kit - soegypt, rubicon, idbase - kind of makes the combo seem less impressive - more a matter of what was there than any particular inspiration. still, worked very well in parts! 
A Good Romp... 
Nice little map with some odd texture combinations, being part base and part medieval. Navigation around the top gives you more than you will need beyond the silver door. I like the fish ambush.

Good job, Loke! 
Played It On Skill 3 
The end was hard. I died about 8 times before i got it right. The map was OK, a couple of texture problems, and some if the clipping was a bit of a pain, but it was quite fun, and I enjoyed it.

First run and complete run. I didn't find the secret, and I couldn't find three monsters. 
ER in 0:43 not intresting enough to upload couldnt find the secret either. 
Pfound it! 
This is pretty good. id1-like with better texturing. 
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