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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
First of all, really amazed noone has made a thread for this yet. Second, seeing as how the game is about to be released out here in EST-land (about, as in another hour and a half, hence my spamming in here instead of playing), thought I'd get things started. Seeing as how just about everyone in here will be playing it eventually, I'm sure this thread will be of much use. At least 75% sure, anyways.
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is that just a result of the port to PC then? I've experimented a bit more with it and it's just plain odd.

It seems to ignore the auto selected option (from a previous selection) so the trick seems to be, either mouse OR keyboard, to scroll up to the first option then back down to what you want. every time. -_-

I looked into trying to fix it myself, but all the menus are flash .swfs now.

I haven't noticed any save bug yet though. Actually, apart from that absurd dialog selection bug, I haven't had a single crash yet. That may not sound like much until you remember we're talking about an elder scrolls game. 
I played skyrim on the 360 for about 300+ hours and had plenty of crashes (console locked up requiring cycle of power) but never had any problems with the save games. I did keep deleting the old save games to free up hd space. The interface is really designed for consoles and I can imagine it must be really awkward for pc's. I really enjoyed the game on the console. 
I've been using SkyUI which makes the menus much more PC friendly but there's no mod for dialog selection. 
+1 SkyUI 
I get an error message about the lack of Skyrim Script Extender though, but it seems to work anyway. Installed it with Steam Workshop. Steam Workshop is an awesome thing :) Got 42 mods subscribed - just little touches, Hi-res textures are OFF. Caused me major slowdown with my crossfire 5850's. Everything else is maxed.

Second run through - 34 hours of playtime, level 34! 
Good Mods... 
you just can't save equipment sets without the script extender, everything else works.

also, the categorized favourites menu is awesome.

Must-have mods:
Cetagorized Favourites Menu
Instant horse dismounting
You just fall off the horse without playing that stupid animation. A little buggy but way better than not having it.
No blocky faces
The original face texture were tiny and had pretty bad compression or something. The noses in particular usually looked like they had flat plates on the front.

Those are the only ones I've really felt the need to use. I'll probably pick up the ones that expand the smithing system or the magic overhaul stuff later, but compared to morrowind or oblivion, there isn't as much need for mods this time. 
so at level 38 as a pure spell caster, i finally got tired of one-shotting everything with dual cast lightning.
had to get a mod that reduces player damage to 20% of normal.
then had to create my own mod to increase mana usage for spells based on skill level because my enchanted gear made all my spells free.
i think once i beat the game once, i'll set about making a proper magic gameplay mod to handle varying levels better. there are a few out there already, but they all seem to make magic MORE powerful, which is really not the direction needed.

so far though, the game itself is really impressive. and very stable too. been in some pretty crazy fights that would have CTD'd oblivion many times over.

there are some fucked up bugs though, like not being able to hotkey dual weapons or hotkeys for a weapon disappearing if you pick up another one of the same type. 
so at level 38 as a pure spell caster, i finally got tired of one-shotting everything with dual cast lightning.

Very strange , in my first playthrough, at level 61, with all perks from the destruction school enabled

It took me for ages to kill someone, with the lightningbolt(even dualcasting)

I've been playing as a pure mage, no armor and all that jazz, just a archmage robe (hard or whatever skill)

I know that the lightningbolt has around 90pts damage , dual cast *2 = 180, so to kill somebody there is ~ 2 or 3 shots needed

But i had to cast the spell atleast 10-15 longer to kill the enemy 
or was it "Wall of Storms" i've been using?

Sprayed on the ground it creates a wall of lightning that does 50 points of shock damage per second

Maybe because i tried to shoot at the body instead of hitting the ground, the enemy got reduced damage 
well, i guess at higher levels, the health catches up to the damage then. maybe i'm too far ahead in destruction for my level?

the problem for me was that I couldn't just up the difficulty because it ended with ME being one shotted by everything, which was just annoying. 
Just Fyi... 
Seems like the 1.6 patch has introduced a CTD if a mod is loaded with a % in the filename. This did not occur prior to the patch. The crash happens immediately after the data is loaded and the menu is supposed to appear. 
Who puts a % symbol in a filename? Seriously. 
When you have a number that is a percentage. 
Lol - I Wondered Why Skyrim Had Been Being Screwy Since Today 
No CTD's here, the only symptom I have suffered is flickering when the local map is up. 
"When you have a number that is a percentage."

I guess I'm just too old school. Those symbols don't go in filenames. That's just common sense, dagnabbit! 
it should be common sense not to care about what character limitations ancient setup/filesystems had. unless you are some lunatic who uses a text-mode terminal without filename completion. 
It's now available for PC!
Although for a hefty 20 Eur... 
Have you tried dawnguard yet neg? 
Not going to buy it until the price drops at least 50%. 
Ah ok, I wasn't planning on getting it yet either. :) 
I was planning to get this on the 360, but I read terrible reviews of the new content saying it was not really new stuff, just more of the same. It did not seem like it was worth it, unless of course you want to play as a vampire! 
It is more of the same....but that is the same goodness. I enjoyed it, it was a bit pricey at �14 but I probably got 20 hours gameplay out of it?? I've completed the main mission but still have more to do.

It starts off a bit meh with no real hook to it, but gets pretty good as you progress through the story.

The highlight is 4 cool new large areas to explore (in addition to several new dungeons etc etc):

Vampire Castle - really enjoyed exploring around this, had a great decrepit medieval feel.
Soul Cairn - very distinctive dimensional wasteland. Bit slow trekking back and forth but cool styles.
Darkfall - not bad but too bloody dark.
Forgotten Vale - pretty spectacular and interesting to explore, as good as any other area in the game.

Also the companion you get is pretty sexy, useful in combat, and has a very natural behaviour when you're hanging around. I'd never had a companion before so having this one AND learning crossbow skills gave me interesting stuff to do in addition to the usual malarkey.

If you like Skyrim there's no reason why you won't like this. 
Fucking Serena. 
I'm sure she is fucking reinfecting me with vampirism each time. Just got fucking cured and now fucking infected again. Bitch. If she wasn't so hot I'd smack her vampiric ass down. 
Anyone got it installed yet? What's the shizzle, homizzles? 
Alright so if anyone hasn't played skyrim yet (or might want to replay)...

I'm a bit behind you guys but even Skyrim I delayed big time, because I knew it'd be a big hit on my time (and pocket). I've basically played it all day every day for 2 weeks. Pretty great game I thought. Apart from all the crashes and bugs, of course. At this point I can't even go near Markarth in fear of doing that stupid prison quest that bugs out. I've probably had over 100 ctd's. At least it restarts quick though.

I ended up playing the main game, most of the guilds (except Bard and Dark Brotherhood), probably 2/3rds of the side quests and half the Daedric quests. Then the main quests for Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC's, both of which were great.

Oh and I also played with a lot of mods. Literally took a day just setting mods up. I went by this for my setup:

However ENB looked shit. Because you start in the dungeons (after the short intro) and ENB always looks shit in dungeons because it's too dark, I decided to switch it off. Play it the way Bethesda intended it to be lit. But once I finished the official stuff I decided to give it another shot, this time using the NLVA settings here
and shit, the outdoors do look pretty sweet. Indoors still suck most of the time but at least you can switch it off using shift-f12 when you're in a dungeon. Definitely worth having on for outdoors, after 50+ hours in skyrim you do start to get sick of the greys. Most ENB settings go overboard with it and oversaturate and overexpose the fuck out of everything. This one isn't too bad though. Does take a hit on loading times, they almost double. Runs smooth though.

Also found this long list of mod suggestions which might be better than what I used (more up to date)

I can't compare to vanilla, but I think all the mods I used have made the game much better. Bigger more detailed cities, better graphics and textures, weather systems, missing quests, even just having a couple of good followers (like Arissa) and I kept the vampire chick around because she's hot make a difference.

So I'm playing through lots of quest mods now. Anyone like some that were on a professional level? There seems to be a lot of amateur garbage. Even the most popular stuff I'm finding a lot isn't very good. Boxmap shit. There's the odd reviewer but they're not critical enough to get modders to improve.

Wyrmstooth is obviously a must-play. It's shorter than the official DLC's and more linear but quality is up there with Bethesda (if not better in some areas). Shame this guy deleted the mod and his online profile to focus on real life, because he had some talent. It's still available on google though, which is how I got it. I haven't come across anything else near as good yet, but I do still have lots of look through.

But stuff like The Wheels of Lull - amateur mess, shit puzzle solving.
Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles - looks pretty, combat completely unbalanced. Game ending CTD midway.
Molag Bal's Inferno - boring gameplay, odd designs. I had enough of the dream world shit in Dragonborn.
The Temple of Black Rock - awful maze design, no lighting, ridiculous hard combat
Clockwork Castle - looks pretty but way too much backtracking and fetching
Moonpath to Elsweyr - some different ideas but poor execution, laughable voice acting

I've been saving up Falskaar, so that's coming next. I hear some are mixed on that though. Then I'll move on to Enderal: The Shards of Order at some point but it's standalone game length, and harder I think so I'm not sure if I'll keep at it. No fast travel wtf. 
Spent all week on Enderal. Great game, fantastic story much better than Skyrim.

It has it's pros and cons much like Skyrim. The levelling system I didn't like quite as much as Skyrims' levelling-by-doing. Having to buy bloody skillbooks is a pain. You just can't go out exploring either because enemy levels are preset. Also no fast travel kills exploration as you don't want to spend an hour walking across the map only to find everything over there is 20 levels above you. All the dungeons always seem to be above my level I get caned, and yet the main quest is fairly easy. Even the final boss, and yet wandering off the beaten path just a couple hours before that was unsurvivable, I get ambushed by Suncunts and had to run like fun and never return to that area again.

But there's some mods you have to use to improve the experience:
1 fast travel
2 re-balancing on levelling (I think it gives more skill points and lowers cost of skill books or something)
3 sleep anywhere (outside of nearby enemies) doesn't instantly heal you though
4 Vivid ENB is a must use, it makes the game look so much better

Those things make the game a little more forgiving and easier (because it is a hard game, harder than Skyrim)

If I give Skyrim a 9.5/10, Enderal is a 9/10. It should have been packaged standalone and sold at full retail, because it's better than 95% of commercial games. I feel it's far too good to have given it out for free. But good on them. Free DLC coming this year too.

Oh ps played Falskaar, good stuff. That and Wyrmstooth are really the only skyrim quest mods worth playing (that I played at least). 
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