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Return To Na Pali: Ultimate Edition
Spotted this one at UnrealSP:

This is a fully polished Return to Na Pali conversion for Unreal Tournament with all the great features of oldskool. It also contains the cut Unreal Beta maps in a finalized form, together with the RTNP adventure. Here is a full list of features:

- RTNP conversion to UT, without the pesky bugs that have come with previous RTNP conversions.
- The original 17 RTNP levels with bug fixes, texture alignments, game play enhancements, and more. Some maps have been given the treatment they should have received when the Expansion pack first came out!
- 10 new levels, completely restored from Beta content of Unreal. This content was originally cut from the official game. It has been modified to fit right in with RTNP, including proper transitions between levels. All of it feels right at home in RTNP!
- Restored beta content has been completely revamped. This includes better lighting, enhanced game play, new stories, added RTNP content, texture alignments, technical revisions, and much more. None of it is in beta form any longer, but finalized.
- Restored music from the beta releases, which are used in the new maps and even some of the old maps.
- Implemented Oldskool features, including permanent carcasses, weapon decals, scoreboard with kill counts, and more.
- A great menu system created by Integration.
- More of a challenge when used with the 'Limbo Difficulty Mutator', which has been included with this conversion. This is recommended for veteran players who found the original RTNP to be too easy!

Apparently, you don't need the mission pack to play this one - all the required files are packed in the archive. UT with Oldskool seems enough. Looks like a gift for those who hadn't had a chance to play the expansion before.
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thats some release!!

Will have to get it to try out these new (old) maps. 
Didn't Expect To See It Here. 
This is my release. Didn't expect to see it over here on Func_msg. Haha. Anyway, you do need to have UT installed, which already comes with the textures and sounds that RTNP had (so this is NOT like a full version game, in case anyone is wondering).

There are specific instructions inside the readme file on how to install/play. 
something to play over the holidays, this should be awesome. Never played the original RTNP, but Unreal SP was good fun. 
Good, Just Bought UT At Steam 
at a very low price in the full Unrealpack.

And a few days later I run into this! This is great! 
Not played Unreal for many years, this is the perfect time for a re-install :)

Screenshots look great, reminds me just how awesome the UT engine was.

Downloading, hooooooo 
It's been so long I can't remember how you install .umod files =)

I seem to remember associating them with UnrealTournament.exe and they would install but that just gives an error so that can't be it. 
with an epic memory and the run command ;)

Off to play 
Now I have the problem of the sound being all distorted in-game, tho bizarrely the music is fine :)

I'll figure it out! 
maybe use just software audio instead of your sound card? dunno, i seem to recall having something like that with normal unreal. 
Fixed :) 
had to fiddle with some .ini stuff for sound, namely changing the latency value to 60 and sound channels to 8. Restarted the game and all was well. 
channels to 8
ouch man. :P 
What sound driver are you using DaZ? Galaxy? Or something else? I've heard of people having sound distortion using OpenAL, so make sure you are using Galaxy. 
Sound Problems 
I often encounter them on UT. I simply close the game and restart it, and the distortion is gone. 
Yeah Same Here 
I have to restart UT when I get them, sometimes a few times. Never figured it out. 
Let me know what you all think of this when you are done. ;) 
I have RTNP installed with UT, will it cause conflicts with this? 
Nope, it will not cause any conflicts. The modified maps go into different folders than the original RTNP. It might ask you to overwrite a few files; you can say "yes" or "no", it doesn't matter. They will be the same versions, so it won't mess anything up either way. 
Good News ! 
..I had RTNP cd was very good better than U1 !
But why all these sp addons need UT ? and not compatible with vanilla U1 ?!
2 engines are almost the same ! ..I've been always wondering this

-Is all legal this version of RTNP ?
-Too bad I dont have UT at moment :( 
"But why all these sp addons need UT ? and not compatible with vanilla U1 ?!"

Because more people play UT these days than U1, and this is a conversion. The original point behind this was to make RTNP compatible with UT.

"2 engines are almost the same ! ..I've been always wondering this"

I personally like UT better. It has a much larger base, and is easily expandable.

"Is all legal this version of RTNP ?"

Check my comment above. 
Me Unreal player without UT sniffs a bit. 
1st Video Done 
Really enjoying this so far, the unreal nostalgia is great :)

I'm doing a video playthrough on my yt, first video is up though it will need some more time to process the 720p version. 
I meant that I have RTNP installed in UT with rtnp2ut, will it cause conflicts with this? 
Nope. It will not cause any conflicts. All files that are different versions than RTNP2UT go into different folders. Besides that, this conversion is meant to replace the incredibly buggy RTNP2UT. This mod was originally based on RTNP2UT, but has basically been completely redone due to the hundreds of bugs in RTNP2UT. 
Thanks for the first video playthrough, DaZ. I hope you make more of them! I'll post it on the Unreal forums in the link above. Btw, why was that Nali afraid of you at 33:00? You didn't even fire at him, and he's not supposed to fear you by default. Lol. 
I Dunno 
I guess im just such a badass? :P

Thanks for the link, appreciated :) Got 3 parts up now, will do some more over the weekend.

Loving it so far, I'm not too familiar with the RtN maps so I don't know which ones are from the expansion pack and which ones are from Unreal beta, but they all flow together just fine so far, so I guess that is a compliment to you and your team that I can't tell them apart :)

The only bummer I can think of at the moment is that the CAR seems fairly overpowered against just about anything :) And I miss the original Unreal weapon models a little, these ones that are used (I assume they are from RtN) are not particularly good imo, the grenade launcher and rocket launcher in particular stand out as looking quite garish, gimme my 8ball and minigun :D

That aside, I will heartily recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Unreal, this pack so far has everything that made Unreal great. 
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