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Lun3DM5 - You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
A blockout map is also pretty, in its way. When gussied up with gentle fog, soft omnidirectional lighting, and enough fractious post-brutalist geometry to lend the depth and texture that unfinished maps are lacking, without sacrificing the stark austerity that a map textured entirely in bare concrete must by nature embrace, it becomes prettier still. This is at least the working theory behind "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out."


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Damn, my fav Q3 map! Pure talent! Works well for me in ioquake3. 
Did You.. 
Did you place every brush down individually or use some kind of procedural algorithm to speed things up a bit? Talk about patience of a saint! 
Take A Look 
ah, thought so, thanks for the link 
Attn: Bot Lovers 
Sock has put me onto a crazy ninja method for getting an appropriate working aas. I'm going to give that a shot, so maybe hold off? thx bro

I got this working, and have the bots playing their usual sort of dumb way on Lun3DM5. I had to recompile anyway, so I took advantage and doubled/halved the lightmap res in places it needed/didn't need it, so hard-edged shadows got a lot crisper but the download didn't get any bigger. \o/ Big thanks to sock.

Tigger, you may review at your leisure. 
Great News 
will check it out when I get back. 
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