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Lun3DM5 - You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
A blockout map is also pretty, in its way. When gussied up with gentle fog, soft omnidirectional lighting, and enough fractious post-brutalist geometry to lend the depth and texture that unfinished maps are lacking, without sacrificing the stark austerity that a map textured entirely in bare concrete must by nature embrace, it becomes prettier still. This is at least the working theory behind "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out."


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Looks like ioquake3 can't handle this, shaders not working or something. Damn! 
Reminds me of Combine architecture from hl2 in a way. Simple but very effective, love it :) 
You got Mirror's Edge in my Q3! You got Q3 in my Mirror's Edge! 
haha that's awesome!
the fake ambient occlusion worked out really well, too. 
I made and tested it primarily in ioquake3. Are you getting broken shaders? 
More shots and info at kungfusquirrel's page for the map: 
Amazing work as always, there is shader errors with ioq3, but nothing serious. I was wondering when you were going to release this and it also reminds me of minecraft on crack! 
Looks Great! 
that is one of the best looking maps i have ever seen. hi res screenshots (sans entities) could actually pass for art 
Spirit / Lunaran 
The shots are awesome. A shame I do not have Q3 installed on my computer :( 
Looks Brilliant 
Great work on the sounds too. 
known hater of crates in maps -> designs map made entirely of cubes 
oh, but it is stupor purty 
You and Simon are apparently both getting that. Your pastebin reveals no stand-out errors, but I can't argue with the screenshot.

What I don't get is that I emptied baseq3 except for my pk3 to test that it was complete, and tested it with ioquake3 and everything was fine. I use a lot of non-standard blend modes - maybe ioq3+your specific hardware doesn't like that?

Does it do that with vanilla q3? What version of ioq3 do you have? 
deleting an old beta of this map fixed it. 
I had an idea to make a version of the concrete shader with an extra-high lightmap res and apply it to only the big broad faces that have sharp diagonal shadows falling over them to crispen them up without destroying q3map2 any more than I already have, but it's too late and I was kind of hoping there WAS something critically broken so I could have an excuse to recompile it that way and re-release it. 
Ready For Release? 
@Lunaran: Can this be added to the map queue at ..::LvL yet? 
I especially like the positioning of the railgun: a little exposure for a decent reward. 
Sock has put me onto a crazy ninja method for getting an appropriate working aas. I'm going to give that a shot, so maybe hold off? thx bro

I'm pretty sure now that I think about it that I have never released a Lun3DM I didn't have to release again two weeks later. 
No problem, send it when you are ready. 
The screenshots look very cool. Indeed combine-esque, and also remind me of some abstract art poster I once had. More of an experiment obviously, I doubt the map makes for proper gameplay, but who knows. How's the performance anyway? There's also something about the lighting that I like - as with other modern Q3A maps. Seems very refined to me.

Didn't think about the AAS, but yeah, bots should have a hard time with all the edges. How are you going to approach this? Perhaps make a simple version of the layout/structures without 'detail cubes' and use that AAS file for the actual level? 
i have to say i was kind of disappointed when i actually played this. :(

it looks fantastic, no argument there, but from the screenshots it looked a lot bigger.

the map is actually pretty small.

i know there's gameplay considerations and whatnot, but i would have loved to see it at 1.5x or even 2x size.

also, i was sad the top part was all clipped off. :P

but yeah, it's still awesome. ;)
what a map!!

Is there any chance of getting the bots working? I have been spooging just walking around but would be great to try and play.

Also, what are the r_speeds in this one, framerate dips ocassionally. 
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