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Quake V1.2 For MacOS X
Fruitz Of Dojo have released v1.2 of their MacOS X port of Quake, here is the list of changes:

* Dropped support for PowerPC based Macs.
* Added native 64-bit Intel support.
* Rewrote display and display mode system.
* Fixed broken fullscreen support of software renderer versions under MacOS X 10.7.
* Fixed smearing of console and modal dialogs if FSAA is enabled.
* Rewrote input system. Uses now IOHIDManager.
* Added support for game pads.
* Added support for actuators.
* Rewrote audio system. Uses now AudioGraph/AudioUnits.
* Redesigned settings dialog for command-line arguments.
* Overhauled help.

Tested game pads:
* Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller (requires driver).
* Sony DUALSHOCK�2 for PlayStation�2 (with Dual PS2 to PC Convertor, no driver required).
* Sony DUALSHOCK�3 for PlayStation�3 (no driver required).

Verified actuator functionality for:
* Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller (requires driver

Download: Quakev1.2.dmg
Glad to see that Quake on OS X is alive and kicking. Esp. the fixes for SW Quake are very welcome. 
Major Update 
This is a major update.

It fixes the mouse issue after a crash,
fixes FSAA which is now working,
now 64 bit,
and most importantly : it can finally be placed in background using the usual command-H feature of OS X, like all applications.

And I'm so glad to see that our good'old Quake1 is still supported after al these years. This game is so awesome, even by today's standards. 
Since we are at it, there was a new release of neozeed's QuakeWorld for DOS and OS/2: 
Nice To See 
One thing I always felt was annoying:

Fruitz of Dojo port messes with key repeat settings system-wide (why?) so if it crashes your keyboard settings have been permanently altered :(

Other than that, has always been a really high quality port. 
Mouse Gestures? 
Does this version block all the keyboard and mouse combos that can cause Fruitz of Dojo to lose "focus" on recent OS X releases?

(Which apparently don't affect the SDL ports since SDL blocks those) 
Looks Like That Is Fixed 
Dropped Support For PowerPC Based Macs. 
well, that's what you get for owning an older machine! 
PowerPC Macs 
It would appear the feature list to make adjustments for OS X 10.6 and OS X 10.7 changes.

OS X 10.6 and OS X 10.7 do not run on PowerPC.

If OS X 10.6 and OS X 10.7 changes do not apply to PowerPC since PowerPC cannot run OS X 10.6 or OS X 10.7 ...

Then new binary for situation you cannot have, affects your situation you cannot have in what manner? 
Actually it's possible to cross compile for OS X 10.4+ and PPC while also supporting newer OS X versions. This is what I do with QuakeSpasm, but it requires a bit of an effort in setting up the build environments (and might break in the future). 
@ Baker 
Then new binary for situation you cannot have, affects your situation you cannot have in what manner?

of course, point taken.

i was just thinking in general that at some point in the not too distant future, i will have to upgrade.

even though i cannot take advantage of the new f.o.d version, having an old ppc is problematic.
even though my ram and graphics card are up to the job of running , say, games such as hl2 and bioshock, i can't because places like steam don't support ppc.

apparently ppc is quite cpu intensive compared to intel, they say.

it's all good though!
there's loads of user maps that work fine for me with qs & dp, so i'm not that gutted! 
I was thinking of buying a G5 of some kind to build stuff on, but I'm sure it'd be as popular as win64/itanium... 
WTF With This Old Obsolete Program ? 
Trash this thread ! 
That Wouldn't Stop Spambots 
First time I see a spambot actually upping a 5-year-dead topic, though. 
Okay Then, This Is Time To Make A Rave Party In Here ! 
This thread is long dead and useless, gone into the graveyard of the hell forum, and yet resurrected by a random blip in spacetime.

Lets dance and poop on the disco floor. 
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