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Speedmapping Pack 166
Three single player maps by negke and Zwiffle, two of them in DOOM base style.

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Those Are Speedmaps? 
I must be the slowest mapper alive :( 
I'm just the biggest cheater alive.

Zwiffle: The exit ambush is great, very Doomish. This is something that should be used more often in maps. The player expects monsters to lurk behind the door, but then the attack takes places right before. A similar setup could be a button on a wall that suddenly lower altogether to reveal a monster closet. Or a button next to a door which opens a closet in the player's back, inside of which is the actual door button. Nice classic ambush situations with a slight twist. 
Good Times 
I liked both of the doom maps, good use of the original textures and similar styles of layout/gameplay. The glowing intestine ceiling was also fun, it's harder to use the hell textures in Quake (including the blue and red fire) and have them look good. The last map was a fun blast, neat architecture as usual. Thanks guys. 
Negke2 was probably the closest I've ever seen to Sandy's e4 style in any community map - and I mean that in a good way! Lots of twisting corridors, pits of tarbabies, vores, armour pickups in odd places, heavy use of the light globe sprite, a fairly central area which all the action happens around, an important pickup available as soon as you enter the map, etc.

Was it a deliberate homage? Well done. 
negke, please stop with those tarbabies. It is getting old. :(

Nice maps but I wonder how long they took. Very hard. 
i don't know if this makes sense, but there is a chance to grab the GK without pushing the buttons on negke2 
mh: Not deliberate. But someone once attested me an inherent "E4ness", so I may just have the Sandy gene.

Spirit: This encourages me to use them even more! (voice of Simpsons guy with bone in hair)

Orbs: Nice one. Too easy though.

Spy: Shit, indeed. It must have been moved by accident in the last moment. Just pretend it doesn't work, okay. 
Re: E4-ness Of Negke 
so, sooo true. Wow that kind of explains some of the weirdness that is negke.

I think I have an inherent "E2ness" 
liked ziffle's map and negke's second map. 
I liked all three maps. negke2 - gold key was to take immediately. I thought it was a mistake and, therefore, still passed all honest. Good job!

Youtubed in terrible darkness and outworldly quality just because I care so much. 
Wow! I remember speedmapping being a thing done in one hour, I am surprised at the quality of these maps. Interesting room shapes, textures aligned and good lighting. I had lots of fun with these and negke2 is certainly the one with the gorgeous Quake vibe. The other two maps felt really odd because of the textures, not a fan of doom textures in Quake.

It was really good (for a change) to fight <50 monsters in a map, people should make more of these! I had heaps of fun, thank you. :) 
Playing Demos In Qs 
i've tried looking around, and all i can find is typing in the console, for instance:

play demo sm166_negke

seems simple enough. but the console msg
assumes i am trying to load an audio sample:

Couldn't load sound/demo.wav
Couldn't load sound/demo.wav
Couldn't load sound/sm166_digs1.wav
Couldn't load sound/sm166_digs1.wav

i'm not even sure where the .dem files need to be. i've tried placing them in different locations (id1/maps/ etc). 
Er, Sorry "play Demo Sm166_digs1" 
i think the command is "playdemo" not "play demo" 
works fine now, cheers! 
My Speedrun 
sorry, this demo will make in RMG Engine 
I said that once. It was me. I understood you even then.

I recorded demos but will have to put them up later. not sure if you'll like how I play em.

Zwif - nicely done, actually enjoyed the 1st ambush more than the later one, though the 2nd was more satisfyingly sneaky. No dice on the secret.

Negke 1 - even more nicely done(no offenZe)!
I've been super inspired to make something doomy after these, with or without Doom textures. I'm not tired of Tarbabies. Found 2 secretish things. fucked up the ending and had to fly up to exit.

Negke 2 - tied for favourite. liked very much the quite simple but classy architecture and quad/ring gameplay. died once. played in sort of boring way 2nd time. 
Aw Did I Mis That ?! 
when exploring the map i already had a littl trouble finding that gold key, geus thats why i never bothered checking if you could steal it.
Makes much more sense to skip the ring now (on old run it made the rj's to gkbuttons easier, but shamblers at last button need to be triggered to move)
whiel i was at the map again i did a full clearance to, dont we all love quadruns?

negke: to easy? improve them pls!
negke1: the spawns arent positioned that nice, a very hard strave to the rl directly might be posible though
negke2:last set of monsters get in the way pretty often
zwwiffle: should be 14, but my hands got swore from trying to bunny, and my gf impatient :) 
Nice Pack! 
I kept with the vodka theme and got sauced before playing these :-) Consequently, a missed the lift up to the end in Negke's 1st map. I also died several times at the vore-wall before I realized what was up. The 2nd map was cool. I liked using the ROS to plot my strategy. Zwiffle's was ace as always with some nice surprise combat set ups.

Great play! 
Oh No! Again I've Missed Sm Deadline! 
though trying hard, I couldn't been able to join one single speedmapping session yet ! :( grrr
maybe I'll put an end to my miserable life .. 
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