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Industrial Texture Pack
Now that I am finished with my Bridge Crane concept map I thought I would release the textures so all of you can go industrial nuts! I also released the PS 5.x source file, so if you want more stuff then you can create your own. The source file probably only works with the latest version of PS so don't moan at me if you can't load it!

Web page for texture packs:

The download files only have high resolution 1024x1024 textures and no Q3 shader file. I think by now most people understand how to create their own and will probably want to re-arrange the textures to suit their own projects anyway. If anyone does create a shader file and want to share, then post a link to this thread. I have posted on my website the size of the files, so don't be surprised if it takes a while to download them. I am sure my ISP is not going to be happy! :D

Here is some texture examples, more on my web page:

Screenshot of the Photoshop 5.x source file in use:
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Sock you rock :) 
Awesome Work 
glad you released these! 
Awesome, I'll be making a Quake wad later. 
Hope I Did Not Screw Up (I will probably alter the readme later!)

Any suggestion how to best release the renamed full res files? Add a with just the 21 renamed files? Or leave it up to the mapper? 
They are 256 which as negke pointed out is too big, resizing to 128 now. 
The Zip Was Updated 
yikes, those blue and green ones did not respond well. :S
possible to run those through photoshop with some dithering maybe? (i would, but i don't have it atm, and gimp has less control over dithering). 
Yeah, this is a quick and dirty conversion just as placeholders to use with the high-res replacements. Would be ace if someone would make good looking mips from it. 
Q1 Wads 
I imagine the textures will not look great after 8x compression. It certainly would be better if they were reduced in PS. Let me get on the case. 
Q1 Scale

5.6Mb File, TGA format (all textures together)
Someone else will have to WAD them, I don't have the tools setup. 
Missed one of the textures, always good to double check stuff!

Same link, 4.96Mb Instead 
Misunderstanding! The problem is the conversion into the Quake palette. has some brainstorming 
Can the blue/orange/green be in a separate wad? or does everything have to be the same wad? 
They Can Be Separate 
More convenient to put everything in one, though, I think (unless there's an upper limit on the number of textures in a wad?). 
I have got all of the textures in one big page and I indexed the colours to a 240 palette. What is the top 16 colours in the Q1 palette? Does someone have a link to the top 16 colours in the palette? 
Ok I found an example of a Q1 palette :-

I assume the top 32 are not useable leaving me 224. Should I save all the images as GIF to preserve the colour table? Would a zip full of resized GIF's (all using the same palette) work? 
I'm pretty sure you can use all 256.

Here's a more accurate image. I used to have a .pal but I lost it... 
no, do not use 256.
the last 32 colours are fullbright. (in both images, that's the bottom couple of rows)

also, sock, i found when i was creating q1 editor textures that first shrinking 50% with bi-cubic or some interpolating algorithm, THEN shrinking with a nearest algorithm yielded better results than just shrinking 25% with interpolation.
the final reduction with nearest will give harder edges otherwise it looks a little blurred out.

finally, i'd recommend not converting all the different coloured textures together. esp. the green and blue ones would benefit from some heavy dithering while the concrete ones would probably be better off with none or very light dithering.

you might want to convert the layers separately in the case of concrete + metal overlay textures.

just my 0.02 anyway. 
and then there is the question if it would be worth the trouble at all

there was a photoshop palette somewhere I think 
So should I create a brown+yellow WAD and then put the blue/green/orange in separate WAD's? 
no, i think maybe i misunderstood?
i thought you meant you had every single texture (of all colours) on the same sheet and then you were running the whole thing through the shrink/palettization process.
everything should be in the same wad. i just meant you should palettize each coloured set separately so you can tune dithering settings for best results. 
honestly though... if you use these, you should just include the high res external textures. too much of the great details are lost in just native palette/res. :(
one of my favourite things about the trims are that the edges are not straight at all and wobble around like they are seriously busted up. adds a lot of character to them which gets lost at low res :( 
* re-sized all the textures through several phases (1024>512>256>128 different filters, bicubic first 3 and final hard edge)
* Converted to an optimized palette which I got from putting all the textures on to one page.
* Ran the textures through textures2quake program to create optimized versions. Look really good at the point.
* Imported them into wally and then they look like shit. All textures converted to the default Q1 palette.

I was under the impression that every texture in Q1 could have it's own unique 256 colour palette with the top 24 being the full-bright stuff. It seems not, wally wants all textures to be fixed Q1 default palette. Yuck!

I have all the files and palettes, will zip them up, maybe useful to someone else. 
yeah, that palette is *it*. nothing else. :S

that's why i was saying you'd want to fine tune the dithering settings for the blue and green ones separate from the rest. they will need heavy dithering to work with the quake palette (which does not have many greens or blues of that shade).

half life is the one that allows a palette for each texture, iirc. 
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