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GtkRadiant Is Back In Active Development

GtkRadiant is a very old project. There have been many versions over the years, and lots of contributors. In the early 2000's it supported many id Tech 3 games, and even some id Tech 4 games. Responsibilities and interests have shifted a lot around this project, but I think most people will recognize me as the person most consistently involved with the editor over the years.

Now that I have left id, I had some time to sit back and look at all the games based on id Tech that I enjoy playing, and at the level design community around them. I figured it would make sense to resume some maintenance efforts for the benefit of those projects.

We are a small group of developers involved in this 'rebirth' of GtkRadiant, and in the spirit of the above I'd like to call out a few rules that we should try to stick to for this project:

Stability over new development
A small subset of well supported games
Support more advanced feature development and forks
Provide an archive of some of the older releases of GtkRadiant

But only the following games are supported at the time of writing:
Quake III Arena
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Urban Terror
What I can figure out: who is the "me" in that text? Is it TTimo? 
Can't Figure Out 
(that's what "left id" links to in the original) 
There are many more well supported games that use NetRadiant and q3map2 than what's listed ;)

- Steel Storm: Burning Retribution
- Xonotic
- Blood Omnicide

are just few to mention. 
And developers of any id Tech 3 engine can contribute configs and settings to the main branch. GtkRadiant is very flexible with the pack support.

I'm pretty sure the games listed are simply the ones TTimo (and others) are willing to test during the programming cycle.

If you scroll down the linked page, you will also notice "Jedi Academy" on the list of games as "work in progress". Others can be added at any time.

Anyway, this is good news! 
Yup, if you read the full Mission Statement, gamepack development is tied to having an active community and programmer (or two) to assist. No point in maintaining games with defunct communities or games that have built their own branches of the software.

In fact, most of the previously supported games are still on the SVN, we just need someone to check them against the new build and fix any outstanding issues.

If there is a game you would like supported, volunteer! 
Awesome Stuff 
great to hear, sadly the quake 3 community is dieing out in Australia. Hope to see more people playing! 
Q1 Support 
A couple months ago I was playing with radiant 1.6, and seeing if it would be easy to enable Q1 support. It turned out it was; just adding a few lines of code to enable the game type, and cobbling together a gamepack from the GTKR 1.6 Quake 2 one and a .def I got from gb.

The only caveat is, mdl's don't show up in the editor like in 1.5, and it's not easy to add that back in as a bunch of code was ripped out / changed.

Here's the build if anyone's interested:

Thanks to SpronyVanJohnson for helping test this. Also here are some notes I made while troubleshooting some problems we both had getting textures to show up:

- For radiant to find them, texture wads should be in quake/id1/, and the 'wad' extension must be lowercase
- A restart is necessary for new wads to show up in the texture menu
- You have to manually add the "wad" "first.wad;second.wad" key to worldspawn listing the wads you're using; choosing a wad from the texture menu just shows it in the editor.

I'm probably not going to spend much more time on this, but i'd like to get it included in the next 1.6 release if there are no serious problems that show up. 
mdl's don't show up in the editor like in 1.5

they show up in 1.5!? not in my copy :(

never really been that big of a deal for me though 
You can make them show up by adding "mdl" or "model" "progs/player.mdl" (or something like that) to your def file. However, in my view it's not useful, because then Radiant will only display the models, not the bounding boxes, which makes the entities harder to place correctly. 
Hey guys,

I could only help Eric a little bit since I am familiar with Radiant but not with Q1 editing. Even if you are not interested in going over to Radiant it would be appreciated if you could check it out.

Specifically the more advanced stuff. Like the use of entities and such. It would be good for us to know if it's working correctly. Perhaps make a couple of test rooms with some effects like fog or a custom skybox and things like elevators, buttons and of course monsters. Just your usual Quake stuff.

Please give it a go and let us know! 
The detached windows layout is still broken, so Radiant 1.6 is useless to me. 
sikkpin's QE3 had it perfect; you could arrange the windows anyway you felt like and they'd snap together. first time I saw that done and it was the height of class. 
"has" :)

if only the window borders on Win7 weren't so thick ... 
(wow, you can change them by digging the old win95 desktop color configuration dialog out of the wallpaper controls :o ) 
Ok, I'm a bit confused now, but when I save a level with radiant, quit radiant and loads the level, the textures are missing, even if the wad file is still present?

If I use trenchbroom, the same was works and the level saves and compiles fine?

Are radiant saving the level in the wrong mapformat perhaps? 
radiant (afaik?) does not load wads relative to the map, but relative to the executable.

so /gfx/quake.wad

would be .../radiant/gfx/quake.wad in radiant. 
an easy way around this is to just create a symbolic link.
i have a main texture folder, and then symbolic links to my working folder for compiling, trenchbroom and radiant. this way you only ever have the textures on your machine in one place. 
Actually, it works now, very strange.
I deleted the randiant folder and reinstalled it. Maybe it was some setting I changed that it didn't like... 
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