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Fitzquake Mark V
I wasn't planning on doing this mini-project, it started as an effort to address some Fitzquake issues, fix them the right way up to Fitzquake standards (i.e. do it right, once and properly versus continual releases) and donate it back.

FitzQuake Mark V Download:

Short version: Eliminated most issues in FitzQuake thread, most issues I can even remember hearing of ever and marked every single one clearly with a very minimal implementation.

It may be the case that only metlslime and Quakespasm and engine coders may find this engine upgrade of interest.

Features: 5 button mouse support, single pass video mode, external mdl textures, alpha textures (like RMQ), record demo at any time, rotation support, video capture (bind "capturevideo toggle"), console to clipboard, screenshot to clipboard, entities to clipboard, tool_texturepointer, tool_inspector (change weapons to see different info), clock fix, contrast support, fov does not affect gun, gun displays onscreen, Quakespasm wrong content protection, external ent support, session-to-session history and .. (see readme).
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gonna dig through this now. 
-sndspeed 44100 doesn't enable 44khz sound? 
Had A Look 
Digging the new water effect, set it as default :) the environment map & texture scrolling could be put to some good uses also, is it possible to have the environment map over a standard texture though? Looks kinda weird having only environment mapping with no base texture underneath.

The demo features are EXTREMELY welcome! Oh god you saved my life here :) 
Looks Very Interesting... 
I'll have to check it out when i get home.

Baker, does this engine make obsolete your previous "custom builds" of fitzquake? For example there was one a few years ago that had various fixes like the Intel adapter fix. 
Is there a full list of changes? The news post says "see readme" ... the readme says "see home page" ... 
going into fullscreen doesn't give me black screen anymore! :D

with the latest fitzquake i had to use a .bat with the windowed option for it to run, otherwise i had to tab out and then back in to see something. that was my only issue with fitzquake.

so far nothing wrong that i can see though [only played like 5mins though]. 
water ripple seems buggy though. lots of tearing and inconsistently sized faces on water brushes cause the ripple effect to be uneven. 
BSP2 Support? 
Or is that still RMQ engine only?

Lots of those fixes and features seem very useful. I like fov does not affect gun, although people that use extreme fovs in multiplayer kinda annoy me (especially in the 3rd person Rune, where you can see without being seen using an extreme fov). 
I Don't Think So... 
I didn't load your beta map ;) 
understandable ;)

vis is getting close to done, but every time it gets to 15 hours it goes back up to 25. lol. 
Random Note: 
r_waterripple looks better if you set "r_oldwater" to 1, because when r_oldwater is 0 it ignores the "gl_subdivide_size" setting. There are still subtle issues with it due to glquake's buggy subdivision (for example, it creates t-junctions.) 
The Real Problem Is 
Sine waves don't linearly interpolate. You cannot linearly interpolate a sine wave; the best you can do is increase tesselation so much that the problem becomes less visible - that's what r_oldwater 0 (in a sorta-kinda-roundabout way) or low values of gl_subdivide_size do, but at other costs elsewhere (fillrate, limiting texture size, extra vertex processing). 
Is there any way to stop monsters and pickups from being fullbright? 
Now my shitty laptop integrated gfx card can finally run maps with dynamic lighting without stuttering like Walter Jr in Breaking Bad.

But yeah, what Text_Fish said. 
See quakedef.h

I described the changes as best I could.

make obsolete your previous "custom builds" of fitzquake

Yes. My intention with this engine was so you (or the Quakespasm guys or any interested modder) could implement any fix or improvement you were interested it at will.

I know that over at Inside3D a lot of engine weaknesses have been uncovered [it is actually almost intimidating :( ] and rather than make it hard to absorb the solutions, I wanted to make it an easy process.

I've learned a great deal about the rendering process from FitzQuake's complete rework of it. This is my reciprocal work. :)

So far ... 
MH deserves all the credit for the frames per second increase. In the engine, this is marked as SUPPORTS_MH_DYNASPEED. It literally turns 11 fps dynamic light situations into 250 fps lighting situations. 
I do have a great liking for you demos. ;-)

I'm glad this made your day. 
Argh ... Quadruple Post ... 
@Tronyn ... no I haven't implemented BSP2 ... yet.

It you'd like everything BSP2 does, but in classic BSP, I do have your answer:

^^ BSP compiler with rotation and all BSP2 modification except it does classic BSP.

I didn't make that because I'm against BSP2 (I'm not) but because I have a conservative side that wants to understand individual changes one at a time. 
Is there any way to stop monsters and pickups from being fullbright?

Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

Please re-download. 
holy fuck the tool_inspector is awesome.
edict numbers, model index number, frame, target/targetname, absmin/maxs...
I won't be using this as a 'playing' engine (and it seems like that wasn't the intent anyway) but i will certainly use it for debugging stuff.
thank you! 
Cheers Baker. :) 
@daz, Necros 
is it possible to have the environment map over a standard texture though?

I agree, but I didn't want to introduce a hack into this. I'm not sure what a good mapping use of sphere maps are (except making metals look nice). That being said, you could use FitzQuake protocol 666 to place an alpha brush in front of another brush and use the environmental map texture on the alpha brush.

-sndspeed 44100 doesn't enable 44khz sound?

That isn't actually a FitzQuake 0.85 feature. 
Sorry, I've been using QS for so long now, I totally forgot about that. 
Well ... 
I've always liked the original Quake sounds as-is and one of the first times I gave a serious look at using DarkPlaces my first question was "The sounds in DarkPlaces are very 'crisp'" and I was told about the -sndspeed parameter which I set to 11025.

Maybe I'm in the minority.

I added -sndspeed command line param. 
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