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Coming Back To Quake I After 10 Years

I'm coming back to quake after 10 years without playing it, and now i've found myself flooded and confused between a crapbunch of clients, protocols (666?) and what not. I dare to ask: What's the best client and server to host a game for my friends *today*??

Here's my setup:

1- Linux server at home
I hope to run the server there

2- Friends will come over with laptop and we'll play

What's the best, most updated client/server for preparing a quake 1 game for me and my friends? Fitz? QuakeForge? Spasm? Dark(ew)places?!

i'm lost! hope you guys can help me""
Deathmatch Or Coop? -> quakespasm. cross-platform and makes a fine server too. has some notes on multiplayer, you will need other things for deathmatch of course.


If you are more than 4 people, try the efdm* maps and dranzdm7. I lost my notes on maps I think.

I once made a pack of nice maps

Sorry for the quaddicted spam. 
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