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Mission Improbable 3 / Baryonic Predicament (hl2ep2)
What a ridiculous weekend for Half-Life 2 releases :o

Two very high quality releases were released that I will recommend to everyone!

Mission Improbable 3 by Magnar Jenssen - (currently the only download as Moddb is slow at updating, I'll post another link in the comments if you don't want to download an .exe)
Screens/Trailer :
Some of you may have played Mission Improbable 1 & 2, part 3 revamps the first two maps entirely and adds an epic third and final map to the pack.

Baryonic Predicament by Miigga : (download and screens)

This is a more puzzle focused release but doe's also feature some seriously intense combat further into the pack.
You can grab it from now its also a smaller download due to compression :) 
Thanks for posting these. I've grabbed them, now I just need an evening to get through them! 
Is The Color Correction 
a mistake or intended for parts 1 and 2? 
What's Required? 
I have HL2/DM/Lost Coast. Do I need anything else to play this (I haven't played anything HL2 related in 1+ years)? 
You Need Episode 2 
Why So Long To Load? 
Ok game so far but why does it take so long to load from desktop? like 5 minutes. I can hear my harddrive going crazy trying to find everything. Nothing else takes over a minute.
2.8 cpu 2ghz memory nivdia 5700 series 128 mb memory on that 
In Case The Color Correctio Nbothers You 
"mat_colorcorrection 0″ 
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