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RTCW - MP_Beach To SP_beach.
Info and Download:;121150
looks like a single player conversion of mp_beach. 
This map single player is a remake of the mp_beach map and it is dedicated for the creators of this map multiplayer and all RTCW's fans. 
Is it a remake from scratch or based on the original map's source? The idea is okay; I hope there's a proper route/progression rather than just a few enemies scattered about. Shame it looks so plain, though. This would have been a good opportunity to add a lot more detail to make the old level feel more up to modern standards. Judging from the screenshots anyway. 
Video Walkthrough 
Another Link To Download. 
New Version 1.1. 
Due to a fatal error, I had to redo this map and create a new version.
So forget about version 1.0 and replace with this one.

Alternative link to download: 
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