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Doom 3 BFG
Anyone getting this ?
I don't understand why id is not concentrating on making new stuff, rather then recycling old stuff. And does it really look so much better then the original 2004 release ? Are 7 new maps enough to justify this compilation pack ?
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I'm Going To Get It 
I just don't know when. 
BFG = 
"Big Fucking Gun"... so it sounds a good pack :) 
anyone else reminded of the ridiculous amount of repackagings of the Command&Conquer games? They are still trying to milk those games even now despite the fact that they haven't fixed them up for windows 7 / modern platforms.

I agree, id should start something new, and leave the repackaging/bullshit to publishers (oh wait they kind of are a publisher now). A spiritual sequel to Quake for example would be good. Or something totally different like an RPG or RTS. 
I think at this point id are big enough that they have multiple teams and multiple projects... i doubt the doom3 re-release is occupying many of their employees. 
From Five Years Ago 
(@etqw) kevinc answers: Quakezero is currently being worked on here at id. Marty Stratton is the lead on the project. We've split off a second team--which is a BIG thing here at id. We may grow to more than 40 people one day. Which is very scary :) 
Quake Zero = Quake Live 
I'll probably get it on release day, but I'm not too keen on what's been published so far on many of the gameplay "improvements". It's more interesting to me on a technical level than anything else; I'll be cracking open GL Intercept and seeing if I can get under the covers and figure what's been done there (particularly if there are any performance improvements worthy of note). 
I know, I was the one who asked. 
I'm Guessing 
they'e trying to muster a little nostalgia/excitement in the lead up to releasing the first Doom 4 footage, which is surely their main project these days. 
This was a great XBox 1 game back in 2005, and I was expecting a 360 version shortly after. Sadly, the almost 8-year wait has only made it smell faintly of cabbages and wee.

A shame, because this would have gone down a storm in the early days of the 360. 
Just Got It 
Played through up to the EPD so far; I'm hugely impressed by the speed of the engine. Locking at 120fps at 1600x900 on a machine that the original one used to struggle to make 60 (the EPD model itself would pull it to below 20 but this one keeps at the steady 120).

Some of the gameplay changes - not so much. FOV defaulting to 80 on a PC title? And there is WAY TOO MUCH ammo; I'm already maxed out on shells and clips, and it's even been throwing BFG cells at me recently. The increased movement speed is nice though, it gives a different feel to an old favourite. And I'm one of those weird people who preferred the torch the way it was.

Once the GPL code gets out I predict that an early mod will be to restore the original behaviours here. 
It Sucks 
it feels like some mod by amateur, nothing special. corridors and spawners behind. hell part assembled poorly, with weird light and some sort of placeholder models of lava and huge skulls.

don't buy this shit. i feel ripped off. 
I Like The New Stuff 
Not surprising, I just like shooting stuff in games ... I do think it would have been nicer to integrate the new levels in the original story. Now when I'm finished with the new stuff, I don't think I'll be arsed to play the levels I've played before again.

A question about DooM and DooM 2:
Since you have one executable for starting this pack, is it still possible to mod those games with Z-doom or other enhancements ? 
But That One Monster ... 
the one from Resurrection of Evil, the one with the teeth on a monitor ... I mean, if someone makes a monster design that is so fucking sad and awful you should sack the guy, not keep that shit in the game to not hurt his feelings ;)

I mean this one : 
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