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BloodTC By M210 Playable Beta
BloodTC is a port of Blood to the eDuke32 engine. Today M210 announced a new playable Beta.

Info & Download
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Are you using Polymer 
Tried polymer but the game doesnt boot at all. The game boots without it but runs slow. 
What's your video card? 
Thanx To The Autor Of Mod 
never had the chance to play that game

just one question, how to increase the fov value? 
geforce 800m I think. It's pretty good, it can play crisis. 
Official Thread 
You may find more infos and ask question there: 
BloodCM is updated again, with 3rd episode 
This might be the only way to get blood running well 
hmmm download doesn't work... something about not being available on any mirrors?

anyway, this is awesome, and you are awesome for doing it. 
It Didn't Work For Me Either 
though it did eventually, just refresh periodically as it suggests and it will let you though eventually. 
cool, guess I just didn't have enough patience. :) 
just played this new version and it feels really faithful. There's still some work, there's no alt fire mode (I really miss this!), the jump height and air control feel a bit different to the original game.
Something I would love to see is when you die you still have the same weapons as the first load into the map, I know this isn't faithful to Blood but I always saw it as a bug not a feature. Also, swinging doors can crush you to death, I got insta-killed by a swinging door.

All in all though I am super impressed. My earlier comment in 2013 saying the game runs slow I was running on an intel 4000 graphics chip. Dunno if this would still run slow as I am now running a GTX 970. 
There is Alt fire mode, you just have to bind special fire

and Use the eduke32.exe from here 
Episode 1-5 of Bloodcm is now completed. 
Love this tc 
He is also doing an reverse engineering port that can actually read Blood's data 
this, on the other hand, is pathetic. Atari and Warner Bros. being a bag of dicks. 
No Mention On Either... 
Company in that link you posted? 
I hope a proper version of XLEngine for Blood comes out one day :/ 
yeah, my point wasn't about who owns blood, but the fact that there has been an organized effort to get the source code that has been unsuccessful (sadly). If you're not gonna release the source, at least make a proper port! This would make at least 10 people very happy. 
This Is Great News 
Though dosbox is great, it can be slow when running 3D FPS games like Blood. With a proper port, we can enjoy all those user-made content like mods, episodes, maps, etc, in addition to being able to run the game in higher resolution with modern control schemes blah blah. 
BloodCM Is Still #1 For Me 
The first version of BloodGDX has been released, so this is the first source port for Blood:

Will try to remember to download later!! 
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