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BloodTC By M210 Playable Beta
BloodTC is a port of Blood to the eDuke32 engine. Today M210 announced a new playable Beta.

Info & Download
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I liked Blood.

I can't tell from the site what BloodTC is though. :( 
Digging Around... 
This is a port of Blood assets to use the eDuke32 engine. Or another way to put it, it's a total conversion of eDuke32 to make it look and play exactly like Blood. 
This is good news. I've never been able to play Blood properly, due to source code being unavailable to public (thus no ports) and getting low framerates through DOSBox. Hope the guy behind this does not abandon such a time-consuming project. 
Well dug! Thanks Metl. 
Never played blood when it came out.
This is pretty cool. :) 
Added Video Link 
Can't Launch It 
Lots of errors. Sound for one 
Is Anybody Playing This? 
If so how did you launch it 
double clicked on bloodtc.exe

left the command line arguments alone and clicked 'play bloodtc'.

then selected the graphics modes and such and clicked 'start'

there is some bug with the gui though. it periodically resizes and then the hud elements don't line up. also it flickers sometimes too.
everything else runs fine though. blood is hilarious, i feel sad I missed it when it came out. 
I did that too but got several errors and couldn't launch it. Using windows xp-sp3. Don't know if that matters. I have the original blood 1 and 2 and it was a blast for sure 
Did you extract it into the duke3d folder? I extracted everything into it's own folder, and not as a duke3d mod. 
Do you have to have duke 3d installed? Maybe that's my problem. I thought it was a stand alone mod. 
I ran it as completely stand alone so I don't think that's the problem. I thought maybe you had tried to run it as a mod. 
BloodTC is update with the first two episodes complete. 
thanks, the first episode was really well done! 
I'm getting so much slowdown with this TC, any ideas what it could be? I'm running pretty much default settings except resolution is 1280x800. 
Are you using Polymer 
Tried polymer but the game doesnt boot at all. The game boots without it but runs slow. 
What's your video card? 
Thanx To The Autor Of Mod 
never had the chance to play that game

just one question, how to increase the fov value? 
geforce 800m I think. It's pretty good, it can play crisis. 
Official Thread 
You may find more infos and ask question there: 
BloodCM is updated again, with 3rd episode 
This might be the only way to get blood running well 
hmmm download doesn't work... something about not being available on any mirrors?

anyway, this is awesome, and you are awesome for doing it. 
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