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How To Run Maps And Mods ??
Could I suggest a Sticky/permanent msg' thread for those needing a reminder/directions to get the custom wads and mods to work.

3hrs now and I can't find anything to get "Knee-Deep In ZDoom" to work.
map z1m1 ;nope
warp z1m1 ;nope

Something simple to remind "oldies" or a wee bit more for "newbies".

ZDoom's auto recognition is awsome ..all the way to HeXeN's Deathkings of the Dark Citidel ..hehe. way cool.
Outside of that nothing.

Perhaps there is a page around, then a Sticky with a link to that is all thats needed.
simple: leave doom and play quake stuff instead, then you can use

ps: all threads are considered sticky in the board, you just did something icky by posting a new one 
"Sticky" Lol 
This isn't how it works. If you have questions about specific features or wads beyond what's posted in the few threads here, I suggest visiting and its forums. That's the place to go for anything related to Doom and similar games. 
Or Ask On 
Our Badb0y there did a doom special short time ago, i guess he should know something. 
Re-Name To 'How To Run Maps And Mods' 
Give the all knowing lunar symbol :) 
Oh, Alright 
In case anyone ever stumbles upon this thread in a search, here's how to run custom Doom and Quake maps. Protip: always check the readme included with the maps as they often include useful information on the release and how to run/play it.

How to run Doom maps

Put the wad into the Doom directory along with the game files (doom.wad and/or doom2.wad, exe). Then run with the commandline doom.exe -file custommap.wad (where custommap is the name of the wad file). This also works with all source ports, e.g. prBoom, ZDoom, Doomsday etc. Some of them will open a window requiring to select which game to run the map with (Ultimate Doom, Doom II,...), others may need an additional -iwad doom.wad switch to be added to the command line. Some ports, like ZDoom for instance, allow circumventing all of this by a simple drag&drop of the wad right onto the exe.
If the level is not on ExM1 or MAP01, it can be changed to in the console (if supported) with the command map E1M1 or by adding -warp E1M1 to the commandline string.

How to run Quake maps
Put the bsp file in the Quake\ID1\maps folder (if it doesn't exist, create it). Be sure to check the readme in case the map requires a certain mod. Then start the game, open the console by pressing the ~ key (under ESC) and type map custommap.The difficulty can be set with the skill 0/1/2/3 command (0=easy, 3=nightmare).
It's also possible, sometimes required, to run from the command line with quake.exe -heapsize 64000 +skill # +map custommap (heapsize is for more memory - some maps need that). Again, this works with all source ports, including Fitzquake, DirectQ, Darkplaces etc.

How to run Quake mods

Mods go into individual folders in the Quake directory. Some zips already come in a mod folder, for others it needs to be created manually. Run the game with the command line quake.exe -game modname and follow the instuctions in the mod's readme to see how to access the new features or content. 
Sticky That! 
Now - I Wonder If The OP Will Ever See This..... 
What a magical thing we've done here...... 
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