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GtkRadiant 1.6.3: Urban Terror Support++, QuakeLive Support Added
TTimo writes:

GtkRadiant has been updated to version 1.6.3

The main item for this release is the addition of QuakeLive support. This includes support for the encrypted paks, and png textures support (including on models). bspc.exe (for bot navigation files), and a version of q3map2 with QuakeLive support is provided as well.

The Urban Terror support has been improved as well. The default compiler for UrT is now the modified compiler that was release by FrozenSand, with the lighting model that UrT level designers are accustomed to.

Floating Windows Layout Bugged 
The active window doesn't switch to the foreground; the texture window is always on top preventing proper cascading. Camera and 2D can't be on the sceen at the same time, selecting one moves the other to behind the main window. And all windows don't minimize/maximize along with the main program window but independently.

Another case where layout B is neglected (first one being Netradiant with its presisting bugfeature that renders the ChangeViews command useless). 
RE: Floating Windows 
It's a known issue, though it seems to be one that affects GTK+, so it's a little out of the hands of the GtkRadiant team, and why it also affects NetRadiant.

I believe it has been reported to the GTK+ developers, but it's up to them to fix it. 
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