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Four Release And A Re-design At ..::LvL
Four release and a site re-design for ..::LvL. This update features a Q3A version of de_dust2 and a 20 Brush masterpiece.

* La Petite by cityy
* de_dust2 for quake 3 by OXOTHuK
* q3D3pak1 - Eclipse, Edge2, Hellplay by InsaneKid
* Aero Blood Run by OXOTHuK

In other news, a beta version of the new site is up. I highly recommend that people use the new site even in its beta state. The URL is:

There are a few missing pages on the beta, but besides the missing forums, these are all minor ones.

Enjoy the update and the rest of the year!

..::LvL (old site):
What's Better About The New Site? 
The new site looks to be a simplified version of the old site, with less features. What is better about it? Maybe I'm missing some important new features that were added. I personally think the old design looks slick, and I miss the timeline browser on the main page to view old maps by date. 
Feature And Direction Changes 
* A "Reputation" system has been introduced for comments and members. Comments with a negative 5 score will be hidden automatically.

* Almost all AJAX has been removed.

* Back button works "as expected" (because the AJAX has been removed).

* Site will scale correctly to almost any screen size, therefore support anything from a Wii [untested] or iPod browser to any modern browser at 2560x1600 plus. Minor issues with IE 6, 7 and 8 due to lack of standards.

* Cleaner look with less clutter and layering, so yer simplified I guess :]

Besides the timeline, no features have been removed and the Reputation system has been introduced which is a "big" thing really.

I'm hoping the Rep. System will fix the spamming comments and encourage more constructive feedback for the authors.

Personally, I did not think anyone really used the timeline. This is some great feedback. I'll look into adding a timeline browse option, thanks! 
<quote>The new site looks to be a simplified version of the old site, with less features. What is better about it?</quote> That's what is better about it. 
Fair Enough. 
I hope you don't think my post was slamming the new site; I was just curious about the new features is all. I do see that everything else is in place except the timeline. A feature to add the timeline browse option back would be great. :)

I do think simple is better. I just have to get used to the new design is all. 
@Lightning Hunter: Not At All! 
Not at all! Any feedback is more than welcome. BTW, other improvements are HTML5 video support and "touch" screens should work perfectly. 
Pretty Slick! 
I like the new site. It's very slick and clean. Takes a bit to figure out how to access older maps though, so that is something to be improved upon. But this is definitely a step in the right direction. The old site was nice, but a little too "busy" if you know what I mean. 
New design is okay. I like how the main photo for whatever level your on becomes the background. However, I'd add some texture to it. Just a rough grain filter, which you could do with a png overlaid overtop.

And also we live in an age where you don't have to use Arial and Times anymore. If you're going with clean, pretty it up with some google fonts.

I also wouldn't hide the menu, just make the font 1 size smaller if anything. Nobody likes clicking stuff just to get the standard navigation menu up - people will close before getting that far. 
I'll look into how well supported web fonts are for sure, it is a good suggestion.

The top nav "click to show", should be seen if the screen size can support seeing the full width - this is also another good suggestion.

Thanks [Kona]! 
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