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Battle Mech New Version And Maps
The new version of Battle Mech has several goodies. One of them is the fix of the very annoying turning head bug, where the head would turn slowly on its own.

The second is a new feature that mappers may find very useful: the ability to control camera angles. You can change the camera angle for the whole map, or you can use camera helpers to temporarily change the angle while the mech passes through certain areas. The view is no longer limited to looking straight down. You can see this in action in start.bsp, when you pass under the platform.

The frikbots have also gotten an enhancement to their AI, which allows them to aim at targets without having to walk toward them. This should have been done earlier, but what can I say.

And if the original 7 levels aren't doing it for ya, there are two new DM levels donated by SkinnedAlive: blackfort and longbow.

You can download the new version and maps at the Battle Mech page.

And you can visit my homepage to pretend you're interested in anything there, or if the other link doesn't work:
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