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QuakeForge 0.7.1 Released.
QuakeForge 0.7.1 has been released with many bug fixes and some new features. Probably the most important is that should QF work on your system, it will work with Sock's In The Shadows mod. A large chunk of the work was on adding the -O flag to qfcc (local CSE). Details can be found in NEWS, and files can be had from the downloads page.

One thing to watch out for is that if you're building QF, bison 2.6+ is required.
It turns out there's a semi-fatal bug in the QW client :(. If you start with "+connect [server]" on the command line, it's fine (once connected, anyway), but without that, the console cursor doesn't show and pressing a key results in a fatal error. I'm working on the fix now.

Sorry for the inadequate testing. 
RE: +connect Issue 
I remember having a similar problem. Adding a setjmp(host_abort) before execing the cbuf in Host_Init() would probably fix that. see: 
Spirit: exactly. I figured spelling it out would be just as cryptic as the acronym :P

SZO: it's caused by key_dest being incorrect (because Key_SetKeyDest wasn't getting called). Missed code changes due to default in a switch statement hiding the "not all enumerators" warning. Already partly fixed. 
A tad latish now, but I put up the 0.7.1a emergency bugfix release yesterday. 
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